Labor Day at the beach!

Sep 12, 2020

  We brought my parents to the beach, and it's so convenient because we can just drive and park right on the sand! Ian loved trying out his new boogie board

Our Home❤

Aug 13, 2020

   A little country road tucked away in the middle of a beach town

A bit About Nick

Jul 26, 2020

   Nick grew up with his younger brother and younger sister in the same town as Valentine in South Jersey. He was raised by his mom and stepfather. They had a few acres of land and his stepfather owned a landscaping company. Nick and his brother helped his stepfather in the business from a young age, earning their allowance chopping wood or helping cut the grass. They loved to go out on their canoe on the creek that ran alongside their home and Nick played many sports, including football and baseball and skateboarding. His mom and stepfather provided a very loving home and were always supportive of his and his brothers interests. He has a big family in New Jersey so there were always large Sunday gatherings for dinner with lots of laughs.

   Nick went to the Art Institute of Philadelphia and graduated with his Bachelors in Graphic Design. 

A Bit About Valentine

Jul 26, 2020

  Valentine grew up in South Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia. She has one brother 3 1/2 years older than her. They grew up on a cul de sac in a quiet suburban neighborhood with a gazillion kids around to play with everyday. They would do their homework and play till the streetlights came on! Her father was a mechanic who owned a gas station for 40 years (he's now retired), and her mom was a homemaker. Her parents were very supportive and nurturing and her home was full of love. 

  One of her favorite memories was going down the Jersey shore every summer. Her parents would rent a house for two weeks and her and her brother would walk to the dock on the bay at the end of the road and go crabbing, and on the weekends they'd do the rides on the boardwalk. Their family friends were always invited to come stay for a few days as well so that was even more fun.

   After deciding Art School was not the right fit for her, she decided she wanted to travel to Brazil to meet her dad's side of the family and learn Portuguese. Valentine's dad moved to the US when he was 23 but all of his siblings and mother were still there.  What was originally supposed to be a 6 month visit, turned into a year and 3 months! She got a job at a hotel in the recreation dept and translated for all of the foreign guests.  

  When she returned from Brazil she ran into Nick while out with friends, and the rest is history!

New chickies on the farm this week!

Jul 24, 2020

Four adorable new additions to our farm❤ 

What is cuter than a tiny baby chick?? We just got our first flock of chickens about 3 months ago and have really been surprised how much we enjoy them! They are very endearing and funny animals! They make our son crack up laughing everyday.

When the beaches are full, ya take a hike!!

Jul 24, 2020

Hiking at a park near our house last weekend. During this weird coronavirus time we're in, we head outdoors for activities as much as we can. The beaches fill up so quickly in the morning with the social distancing measures in place, so we made a quick change of plans! This park is so nicely shaded and beautiful. It was a nice hike that even our 3 year old could handle! 

We LOVE Halloween!!

Jul 17, 2020

First photo: Your presidential candidates: Hilary Clinton, Trump and Bernie! Second: Curious George, the man in the yellow hat and Professor Weisman Third Photo: Lifeguard, shark and victim


Yeah, we get into Halloween. We're those parents that dress up alongside their kids and we love it!! Our second favorite holiday after Christmas❤

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