Our hopeful family

Our hopeful family

Dear Expectant Parent,

We are thrilled and grateful to you for considering us for the important decision you are making. We can only try to imagine how you must be feeling at this time and respect you for your courage in deciding what is best for you and your little one. We hope our story will help you get to know us as parents, as well as our sweet boys, to help you with making your choice.

We hope our story will help you get to know us as parents, as well as our sweet boys, to help you with making your choice.

Together at Last  - Married in 2005

Together at Last - Married in 2005

A Little About Us


We first met at a church function, realizing later (unknown at the time of meeting) that we each had been recommended by friends for one another. We had a whirlwind romance and couldn’t get enough of each other. The seriousness of our relationship soon ended up causing us to determine if we were ready to take the next step, which we were not.

We have differing, yet highly complementary personalities, and very similar interests, beliefs, and visions for our future, which gives us great stability and a strong foundation for our family.

Fast forward four years, and after limited contact and a series of seemingly miraculous experiences, we realized that we could not live without each other. Fourteen years ago, we had a magical destination wedding in Hawaii, where we brought our families together for a big family vacation, before getting married.

It has been bliss ever since - even in the tough times. We find great comfort in each other.

We have differing, yet highly complementary personalities, and very similar interests, beliefs, and visions for our future, which gives us great stability and a strong foundation for our family.

We are best friends and want to share every experience in life together, along with our family.


Wendy has an incredible combination of personality traits - she’s deeply caring, fiercely loyal, highly empathetic, and driven to achieve. She has a great love for life and compassion for others. Wendy’s friends call her “Superwoman” and with good reason. She is one of the most talented and capable people that you’ll ever meet, yet she’s also incredibly warm and caring.

Wendy brings the same level of passion and dedication to our sons’ development as she did to her education and successful career. She is the type of mother who is right in the middle of play with the kids. I learn so much as I watch the loving way that she works with our boys to help them learn and grow. She is very thoughtful about the way that we both encourage and correct them so that they continue to develop confidence and independence. She truly is an amazing mother.

Her strengths make up for my weaknesses and vice versa. Wendy is the perfect match for me, and she has helped me grow in so many important ways. I feel honored to be her husband.


Matt is a remarkable individual with incredible depth, sensitivity, humor, and intelligence. He constantly amazes me. He is deeply respectful of all living things and emanates love to all who know him. He is a loving, understanding, and supportive husband, who is so patient when working through difficulties.

As a father, he is understanding, patient, and ridiculously fun, making life full of laughter and joy, as well as hard work. The patience and care he gives our sons as he lovingly helps them to improve and learn is inspiring. “Google Matt” (as friends call him) is always teaching the boys new things. He has a successful career, and though he loves his work, he always places us first. He has a great love and appreciation for the outdoors and is dedicated to giving back in whatever way he can.

Matt has had the deepest and most profound impact for good in my life. I feel stronger and more well rooted in all facets of life because of him. He is my rock, my safe place, and my best friend.


Quick Facts:
OCCUPATION: Stay-at-home mom
DEGREES: Master’s in world religions & international relations; Master's in tax; Bachelor’s in accounting
PRIOR CAREERS: Executive Director of a nonprofit; Researcher & Forum Organizer in religion and world affairs in D.C.; Manager in international corporate tax consulting
SIBLINGS: 3 brothers, 4 sisters

I grew up in a small town in Utah as a “tomboy princess” in a home filled with love, constant activity, and humor on a family farm. It was idyllic, playing night games, skating on the frozen pond, and catching pollywogs.

Prior to my dad’s passing 11 years ago, my parents had been married for 53 years and are the bedrock to my life. Family means everything to me, and I value my role as a mother and wife as the greatest contribution I can give in life.

I enjoy volunteering at my sons’ school (I was also PTO president for a couple years), through our church (currently, Matt and I help bring self-reliance education to those in need), and in our community.

Dedication to my faith has kept me centered and full of purpose, helping me to make wise decisions, constantly improve myself, and have a deeper love for others and the world around me.

I love the outdoors, being active, spending time with my family, and in purposeful activities that expand my mind, skillset, and give me a relaxing break from the busyness of life (like reading all the books my 11-year old reads for our little “book group”).


Quick Facts:
OCCUPATION: Business Executive
DEGREES: Bachelor’s in Accounting
CAREER: Building/developing companies in clean energy and clean transportation through operations and venture capital
SIBLINGS: 1 brother, 3 sisters

Due to my dad’s work, we moved a lot while growing up. I had 12 addresses before I turned 18. However, I never found it to be a burden, but an opportunity to learn to make friends easily and develop the confidence needed to enter new experiences in life.

My amazing parents have been married 46 years and have played a massive role in who I am today. Because we moved so often, family was my constant, as well as our faith community.

My family is the center of my world, and I constantly work to ensure a solid foundation for my family. I pursue work that will provide well for my family, as well as have a positive impact on the world (tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges that personally inspire me, e.g., climate change and clean transportation).

My belief system continually orients me toward love, service, forgiveness, and personal integrity and has guided me through my most important decisions in life.

I enjoy a broad set of activities and interests and love to fill my spare time with meaningful and enjoyable activities - usually with my favorite people in the world, Wendy and the boys.
Family vacation in Venice, Italy

Family vacation in Venice, Italy

A Little About Our Family

Our home is filled with laughter, love, and adventure. We love to explore, learn, and make memories together. We were blessed eleven years ago to give birth to our oldest boy, Austin.

Our home is filled with laughter, love, and adventure. We would be honored to invite your child into our loving home and open hearts.

After the long road of finding out we couldn’t give birth to any more children, we experienced the miracle of adopting our adorable six-year old boy, Teo, after he was born.


AUSTIN, our oldest son (age 11), is a bright, inquisitive, and very mature child with an insatiable desire for reading and learning. He is our budding scientist who loves animals (particularly reptiles and dinosaurs), and nature. He has always loved to explore, everywhere from searching tidepools to finding newts and frogs in the redwoods to survival hikes, backpacking, rock climbing, and Boy Scouts. He is also technically minded and is learning to code, make Youtube videos, and loves video games. He’s a very obedient and responsible child and teachers love him. He’s a great older brother to Teo, and the two of them have so much fun together.

TEO, our youngest boy (age 6), is a bundle of happy energy and an absolute joy. He joined our family through adoption in December 2012. He is such a light in our family with an infectious giggle. He loves to ride bikes, climb anything and everything, any sport with a ball, and playing with cars, magnetic tiles, and anything he can build with. He also loves exploring and playing Legos and video games with his big brother, as well as reading books and playing board games. Since Teo was small, he has also had amazing fine motor skills and loves to draw, create, and do crafts. He also loves to build things and has shown a great aptitude for designing and assembling. He is very social and makes friends wherever he goes.


We strive to develop a home where all members of the family feel that home is a refuge, a place filled with peace and a feeling of security, a safe zone to be yourself and to be loved unconditionally.

Our life together will be filled with exploration, wonder, and adventure. We place great emphasis on living life purposefully, and being committed and true to our faith, to our family, to others, and to ourselves.

We want to help our children find their passions in life and to never stop challenging themselves. We give ample room for the inevitable failures in life, understanding that they are just stepping stones to something better.

Not only will we help our children to be their best selves, but also to recognize the strength that comes from a loving and supportive family, including extended family and friends. This unity comes through playing and working hard together.


We feel very strongly that our family is not complete and would truly love to add to our family through the miracle of adoption once again. Our boys can’t wait to have a younger sibling to love, care for, and enjoy. You should see them practice with their stuffed dinosaur!

We would be honored to invite your child into our loving home and open hearts. As part of our family, your child will be loved unconditionally, given every opportunity we can offer, and will be an integral part of our family.

We feel adoption can be a beautiful and healing experience for all involved and will ensure your baby will know where he or she comes from. Our experience adopting Teo was such a beautiful one, getting to know Teo’s birth mother and forming a bond with her. It was wonderful to see how our relationship with her blossomed and is still strong today. We understand that children need love and support from many sources and would deem it a privilege to welcome you as part of our extended family and would be open to future regular communication.

We promise that in our home your baby will receive constant love, encouragement, education, stability, and many opportunities for adventure and development. We thank you for taking the time to get to know more about us and for for considering us. We have every confidence that you will make the best choice for your baby. Whatever that choice may be, we will honor it, and we wish you the best in making this important decision.


Wendy & Matt
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