"Wendy, Matt, and their sweet little boys are incredible people in all aspects! Their intelligence level is far superior to anything I could achieve, yet they gently guide and help people with it instead of flaunt it. They love to help the community and are always looking for ways to improve the way that people live and help others to attain a better way of life. They love to spend time exploring the outdoors. They love to travel. They are kind and generous. They are hard working and very good at educating their children in all ways to help them to be well rounded. They have a strong belief in their Savior and try to emulate his teachings in their lives. The children are well educated, inquisitive, and have a great time around their cousins. We love to spend time with their family and have always been impressed with their healthy lifestyles and desire to always take care of their body, mind, and soul."

Valyn Tucker ENDORSED | Happy And Positive, Strong Values, Outdoorsy, Family Is Top Priority, Adventurous Fun And Active, Hardworking And Driven, Compassionate And Understanding, Live Purposefully, Highly Value Continuous Education, Committed To Their Faith

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