"Are you envisioning the best possibility of life for the child that is being created in your body? If releasing this child is in the best interest of you and their future life, KNOW that meeting Whitney and Brandy will give you HOPE. May your journey to your best answers find you accepting the loving arms of two women that are ready to give a child the security, healthcare, love and attention that every precious Being deserves. Love and peace awaits..."

Denali Walden ENDORSED | Compassionate, Loving, Positivity, Dedication, Loyalty, Outgoing, Hard Working, Honest

"My husband and I have been neighbors with Brandy and Whitney since June 2014, when we bought our home that also happens to share a driveway with their home. Since meeting Brandy and Whitney, we have developed a relationship that went from friendly neighbors to great friends. Both Brandy and Whitney are successful women who have created a wonderful life for themselves. A loving marriage, beautiful home, nice vehicles, and a financial stability to allow traveling. To most looking from the outside in, you would think they had it all. However, knowing them for just shy of 5 years I can tell you, they have a massive void. That void is their yearning for a child. Whitney had already begun her journey to get pregnant before we had become great friends, but from the beginning has voiced her love for children. My husband and I have a 6-year-old son and a 1-year old daughter. From the time we moved in, Brandy and our Son, Odin, became great friends. He has spent countless hours with Brandy playing outside, with regular “bike dates” where they ride their bikes around the driveway. In July 2016 I mis-carried and after confiding in Whitney she shared that she too, had lost a pregnancy. She was such a great support for me in that difficult time. Then in January of 2017, I found out I was pregnant again. They were incredibly supportive throughout my pregnancy and even more so after. Whitney would come over and hold my daughter for hours while I showered or took a nap. Brandy would bring me food so I didn’t have to worry about making it. (My husband works 24-hour shifts, so I was home by myself with a newborn and our 5-year old at the time). Currently, Brandy and Whitney are the first people we go to if we have any babysitting needs, and they are always more than willing to help out. Our children really do love them like family, which is no surprise to my husband or I. Brandy and Whitney have treated our children as if they were their own, so I can only imagine the love and support they would provide for their own child. When I got pregnant Whitney was overjoyed with the news, hoping she too would get pregnant and we could have children around the same age to grow up next to. However, the many unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant left both Whitney and Brandy realizing that adoption would be their best choice. I can tell you they will both make wonderful parents. Regardless of not having any biological relation to a child, they will love that child just a fiercely as if they shared the same genetics. Having a child would be the missing piece of the puzzle to Brandy and Whitney’s life. I know it sounds cliché, but I really couldn’t think of a more loving and nurturing environment for a child. Parenthood really is the greatest gift anyone can receive, and Brandy and Whitney would fulfill that role wonderfully. "

Alex ENDORSED | Compassionate, Loving, Positivity, Dedication, Loyalty, Outgoing, Hard Working, Honest

"I have known Whitney and Brandy for over nine years, and in that time, they have become family to me. They are one of the most loving, caring couples I have ever met. Their deep commitment to each other is special and awe inspiring. They have built a beautiful life together, and the only thing missing from their world is a child. As Whitney’s best friend, I have been there with her for four years of her journey trying to have a biological child. Each failed try would break my heart. Whitney and Brandy will make excellent parents. They are known as “aunt Whitney and aunt Brandy” in our house, as my kids adore them. They have a lot different strengths and interests that create a well-rounded household, and they have the financial and emotional ability to provide amazing experiences for their child. They have strong values, including honesty, generosity, work ethic and love for all, that they will pass along to their child. They also have a great support system here in the community, including me and my husband. We are both looking forward to being aunt and uncle to their child. "

Lisa Thompson ENDORSED | Compassionate, Loving, Positivity, Dedication, Loyalty, Outgoing, Hard Working, Honest

"Whitney and Brandy are the couple we all aspire to be, they have a loving marriage and a truly beautiful life together. Their number one priority is bringing home a baby and completing their family. I can’t imagine a more deserving couple of human beings to raise a child. And as Whitney’s business partner I can attest to their level of commitment in making as much space as possible in their lives to bring home a baby and give it all the care, attention, and love it deserves. I deeply love both Whitney and Brandy and will do everything in my power to help them bring home a baby!"

Victoria ENDORSED | Compassionate, Loving, Positivity, Dedication, Loyalty, Outgoing, Hard Working, Honest

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