More cousins living near by!

Nov 12, 2017

[a post by Josh] A roller coaster of emotions highlighted in this photo montage… the boys were excited to play UNO with their mom and I… then they remembered that mom and dad were ruthless at UNO and finally you see that realization on Kal’s face!!!! Just kidding, they had a great time and were good enough to let us take some photos.  Tonight was a great night!  My brother and his family came over for dinner tonight, we grilled out, and then they shared the FANTASTIC news that the reason for them being on this side of town is that they are looking to buy a home here in the east valley and will be moving closer to us!  We’re all super excited and can’t wait to have them closer so that the cousins (E pictured here with his cousin Brighton here) can spend more time together and we can help each other out!  After dinner, the boys challenged us to a game of UNO and we wrapped up the night looking at a book of dog breeds contemplating what type of dog we would want to get next.  Whew!  It was a long but GREAT day!