"Authentic, compassionate and fun-loving. Those are just a few of the words we would use to describe Jon & Amy. We have known Jon & Amy for one year and in that short amount of time, found some of our very best friends. There is no shortage of laughter and entertainment when their family is around! Raising our three young daughters, it’s so comforting to have such down-to-earth friends nearby to navigate this journey with as we watch our kiddos grow up together. Jon & Amy are two of the most kind and sincere people we know. Amy is the first one to drop by a surprise Starbucks when she knows this mama has been up all night with the baby. Jon suggesting they go play a round of golf after a stressful week of work for my husband is not uncommon. They are intentional in their parenting and are raising two amazing, spunky, delightful daughters. Our oldest daughter is best friends with theirs and we love to see how Jon & Amy’s kindheartedness, sense of humor and committed involvement in their daughter’s life have already shaped her into such a great little lady. Despite the challenging road they have faced to create their family, Amy & Jon have remained incredibly positive and continue to have such strong faith in God’s plan for them. They are exceptionally grateful for all that they already have and don’t take for granted the small, but important, things in life like “snow parties” with sledding and hot chocolate, watching the kids scribble up the driveway with sidewalk chalk on a summer evening , or mommy/daughter cupcake dates “just because”! We are sincerely thankful to have them as our close friends and neighbors. Anyone who is welcomed into their home or their life will truly be blessed!"

Sarah & Spencer Kuhl ENDORSED | Honest, Family Oriented, Friendly, Fun Loving, Positive And Happy, Athletic, Outdoorsy, Big Hearts, Charitable

"Jon and Amy are a very caring, a family first kind of couple! Jon is outgoing, friendly, funny, personable, athletic, and sweet to his little girls. Amy is a hard working Christian mom who balances a busy life through her faith. Amy is caring, kind, compassionate, and fun-loving! We get together for all kinds of family functions, random dinners, birthday celebrations, spontaneous park outings, all holidays! Our family likes to play cards and games, watch movies when we all get together, oh yes, we like to make and eat good food too! "

Amy James ENDORSED | Honest, Family Oriented, Friendly, Fun Loving, Positive And Happy

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