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It's nice to meet you!
Our names are Dennis and Andrea. As hopeful parents, we are grateful that you would consider to allow your baby into our lives. We would be thrilled and honored to provide a vibrant, secure and loving home for your precious child.

We enjoy a vibrant, secure and loving home!

The words THANK YOU cannot begin to express our gratitude to you. We promise you that, should you choose us, we will completely devote ourselves to your child.
We met as many love stories begin: at work!

We met as many love stories begin: at work!

About Us

We met as many love stories begin: at work! We are both veterinarians, and fate brought us together as interns in an urban hospital. Dennis endeared himself to Andrea with his corny jokes, persistence, and chivalrous nature--and let's not forget, his impressive lumberjack beard. He started walking Andrea to her bus stop late at night to make sure she was safe, then one summer night, he asked to walk her home.

Family & children will always come first.

60 blocks later, we knew that we would be walking side by side forever.

We live in a safe and lively neighborhood in the heart of Manhattan, NY, and have traded a fenced-in yard for museums, farmer’s markets, street fairs, plays, the city life. When we need a break from the city, there are plenty of nearby parks and weekend trips to the Catskill Mountains or Long Island beaches. We share a strong sense of family values. Family and children will always come first.

As veterinarians, we focus on care of small animals. Working at the same practice, Andrea runs the Emergency Room, while Dennis is a Veterinary Cardiologist. We try not to take our work home, but somehow managed to rescue two dogs and two cats.

Dennis has such a great sense of humor and makes everyone laugh. He grew up in Indiana, with his siblings David, Brian, and Aubrey, under the guidance of two hard-working parents, Bill and Beth. Growing up as nerd who liked sports, along with the support of loving parents, Bill and Beth, allowed him to achieve his dream of becoming a veterinarian. He likes to have one major extracurricular going at all times, which currently is improv comedy.

Andrea says, “Dennis is a hopeless romantic. His consistent love and support makes every day like the first moment we fell in love. He is a loving husband, amazing step-father, and a faithful friend to all. An eternal comedian, his jokes may occasionally be very silly, but they still get a laugh every time. Not to mention, he is a karaoke superstar with a penchant for air guitar. Most importantly, he is dependable, loyal, and responsible. He is my rock, and truly my best friend.”

Andrea was raised in the suburbs of New York City as the youngest child with a brother, Mykola, and a sister, Maria. Her parents, Anna and Roman, raised them in a Ukrainian speaking household. Andrea’s deep love for children drew her to her first career as an Elementary School Art Teacher. She has always been creative, with a dedicated work ethic, and commitment to helping animals in need. Her parents’ unconditional love, support, and life experience helped her as she excelled in fine arts and science, allowing her to become the free-thinking, craft-making professional she is today.

Dennis says, “Andrea will bring life and energy to any room she enters. From bottle-feeding puppies and kittens, to raising a child as a working single mother, she has an endless capacity for loving and nurturing. She has a deep inner strength and an uncanny gut instinct, which is almost always right. She has an unmatched ability to multitask, as she can be effortlessly drawing a portrait of our cat while also cooking an improvised dinner, all while telling a funny anecdote from the day. Always with honest reactions and responses, she is a true free spirit. Pair that with her natural warmth, and you understand the reason children are drawn to her. It has even earned her the nickname “Aunt fun” amongst her nieces."
Meet Helena!

Meet Helena!


Helena is Andrea’s 9-year-old daughter, and the pride and joy of our family. She is fantastic with our pets: Popeye and Ida, our sweet shih-tzus, and Shylee and Zazulka, our playful kittens. As a mother, Andrea has worked to instill kindness, creativity, confidence, and love into her life.

Helena's ready to show a younger sibling the ropes of city living

Dennis is a loving and supportive step-father and is a crucial part of Helena’s everyday life. He has strived to encourage her athletic side, broaden her horizons, and nurture her innate good-natured demeanor. Helena is so excited to share her daily routine with a brother or sister, and is already talking about how she is ready to teach them to play drums, help them learn to care for our pets, and show them the ropes of city living.
All three of us have so much love to give

All three of us have so much love to give

Our Life

Andrea has a large, tight-knit extended family. We have a family reunion every summer in upstate New York. It's a great opportunity to get Helena together with her “cousinettes” - 11 girls between the ages of 2 and 14.

Please know that we would love to get to know you

On our many trips to Indiana, Helena gets to spend time with 10 more cousins from Dennis’ side. With a new addition, they are all hoping to bring our total to 22 cousins all together!

In the spirit of getting the most out of life, we have put an emphasis on family vacations and plan to continue that trend going forward. Summer trips we would love to share include Hawaiian adventures, camping in the Adirondacks with the cousins, cabin life at Lake Michigan, playing at the Jersey Shore, and staying with friends in a Palazzo on Italy's western coast!!

We have lived in our neighborhood for over a decade, making lifelong friends along the way. From neighbors, to co-workers and families from school, we have expanded our network into a true community. Our block is a bustling village with interesting and entertaining people, places, and things.

Every morning we walk Helena to her neighborhood school, passing the park, dog run, bakeries, shops, and libraries, occasionally stopping for hot chocolate and a bagel on the way, if the mood strikes.

Spending time with our families and friends means the world to us. Holidays are very important to both sides of the family. We love to spend Thanksgiving at Grandpa Bill and Nana B’s farm in Indiana. No visit is complete without a big family game of Taboo or a friendly round of poker. Easter has a mix of cultural traditions including egg hunts, ukrainian easter egg (pysanka) making, blessing of the Easter baskets, and family meals.

At home, we have also created our own little traditions, including Friendsgiving, Dennis Eve, and even a visit from “Carlos Cupid” every Valentine's Day. Friendsgiving is a big potluck dinner that we have with our closest friends the Friday after Thanksgiving. On Dennis eve, which is the night before Dennis' birthday, we dine on biscuits and gravy, followed by strawberry rhubarb pie. Every Valentine’s day morning, Helena wakes up to presents hidden throughout the house.

The Christmas season is spent in the city and always starts with a visit to the tree at Rockefeller center. Andrea's birthday is in December, so we always have a tree trimming and Gingerbread house making party to put us into the Holiday spirit.

Christmas itself is very traditionally Ukrainian. After mass, our entire family gets together at Baba and Dido’s house (Andrea’s parents’ Anna and Roman) for a 12-course traditional Ukrainian Christmas eve feast. Full of borscht, pierogies, challah, and sweets, we all exchange presents together. Christmas morning is full of gifts for everyone, especially the cousins (Helena, Christina, and Isabelle), and even a few for all our animal friends.

Perhaps the funniest family holiday for us is Halloween. Between pumpkin carving, spooky decorations, and family costume planning, we have it down to an art. Our family favorites have been an old-timey circus family and this year's Star Wars theme . . . Don't worry, the pets are always planned into the costume scheme.

We cannot wait to share our life with your child. All three of us have so much love to give, and many more life experiences, traditions, and values to pass along. The amount of love we have to share and grow with your precious little one seems impossible to convey in writing. We do hope that you enjoy this brief introduction into our life and can see how genuinely happy we are at the prospect of sharing every part of it with your child. Please know that we would love to get to know you and we are committed to ongoing communication between our families.

Thank you again, very sincerely, for learning about us and considering us as parents. We can't wait to meet you!!! Call us directly anytime 1-800-920-2168.

We wish you all the best in your journey, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Andrea, Dennis and Helena
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