Bekah's Parents Visit!

Jun 07, 2017

Bekah’s parents came to visit Richmond a few weeks ago! We had a great time with them and Bekah’s sister Hannah, who lives close-by in Charlottesville!

As you can tell from our photo albums, we love to be active and hike and Bekah’s family is exactly the same way. Bekah’s mom had surgery on her knee recently and she still has to wear a knee brace but that didn’t stop her (or us) from going on a long hike. We walked all the way from our apartment down to the river and hiked a trail that led to Maymont, a free park/nature reserve in Richmond. We walked so far that it was lunch time and so we ended up taking an Uber home! It was the perfect day for hiking, cloudy and threatening to rain, but it never actually ended up raining!

That afternoon we decided to paint as a family! Sometimes we all paint the same picture but this time we all decided to paint something different. Bekah’s dad, Jim, even did a copy of a painting hanging in our living room that was painted by his mom, Bekah’s “Gramma B”, who was an artist and always encouraged Bekah to be painting growing up. Gramma B would be proud of us.

We all got cleaned up and dressed up for a dinner out at SpoonBread, a fairly new restaurant in Richmond that we couldn’t wait to take Bekah’s parents to!

Sunday morning we woke up together and worked out and then went to church! After church we went to brunch and after brunch you can guess what we did…..took a long walk down to the river! We were not so lucky this day and did end up getting caught in the rain but still had a ton of fun! Bekah’s parents came back on Tuesday afternoon and Jeremy and Bekah’s dad were able to get in a round a golf—one of their favorite things to do together, while Bekah got some good girl time in with her mom and sister.

We always have so much fun with Bekah’s parents and are slowly convincing them that Richmond would be a great place for them to live as well!

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