Arches National Park

Apr 10, 2017

We just got back from a spring break trip to Arches National Park.  We are lucky to live in Utah where there are so many unique and beautiful places to visit. We had so much fun.  We stayed in a cute little one room camping cabin.  Our kids were a little disappointed to not sleep in our tent but it was going to be a little too cold at night.  We aren't extreme campers haha. The kids did amazing while we hiked all over the national park.  We even hiked 11 miles one day and they all made it the whole way.  Well Quinn was carried on Brians back and Deacon enjoyed a ride on Dads shoulders the last mile.  But hey that totally counts.  We ate at some yummy local restaurants.  Our last day, I talked Brian into an hour out of our way adventure.  I (April) am super interested in Native American Petroglyphs and ruins.  We found a place called a cliff dwelling where the Native Americans would build their homes into holes on the side of a cliff.  They are mostly just ruins now since they were built in 1212AD but we were able to hike over to it and climb up and explore.  I love being able to teach our kids about history and the people that lived here before us.  

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