Lake Tahoe

Jul 18, 2017

We just got back from a great summer vacation in Lake Tahoe.  I (April) grew up going there almost every other summer.  I was so excited to take our boys there to see a place that I love so much.  We had a fun time hiking, going to the beach, kayaking, eating, and going to the beach some more.  The best part of the entire trip was just getting to be together! 

Arches National Park

Apr 10, 2017

We just got back from a spring break trip to Arches National Park.  We are lucky to live in Utah where there are so many unique and beautiful places to visit. We had so much fun.  We stayed in a cute little one room camping cabin.  Our kids were a little disappointed to not sleep in our tent but it was going to be a little too cold at night.  We aren't extreme campers haha. The kids did amazing while we hiked all over the national park.  We even hiked 11 miles one day and they all made it the whole way.  Well Quinn was carried on Brians back and Deacon enjoyed a ride on Dads shoulders the last mile.  But hey that totally counts.  We ate at some yummy local restaurants.  Our last day, I talked Brian into an hour out of our way adventure.  I (April) am super interested in Native American Petroglyphs and ruins.  We found a place called a cliff dwelling where the Native Americans would build their homes into holes on the side of a cliff.  They are mostly just ruins now since they were built in 1212AD but we were able to hike over to it and climb up and explore.  I love being able to teach our kids about history and the people that lived here before us.  


Mar 07, 2017

We had a fun Presidents Day weekend with a little staycation.  We explored Golden Spike National Monument. Which is where they finished the transcontinental railroad and learned all about trains. (Little boy heaven) Then we went to an Elk preserve and learned about Elk.  We are such educational parents haha. It was fun to be together as a family and explore where we live.  P.S. Why does April look so surprised in this picture?

Happy Halloween

Nov 02, 2015

Happy Halloween from our family of Zombies and our pet dinosaur.

Halloween Time

Oct 26, 2015

We love having Family Traditions.  One of our Family traditions is to go to a farm at Halloween time that has a Halloween Festival.  We went with Brians side of the family and the cousins had so much fun together.  They all got their faces painted.  Bennett got Captain America's shield and Deacon got Cookie Monster. We went in a corn maze, on a Hay ride, saw a pig race, and walked through the body of a giant inflatable monster.  The night was capped off with a huge candy cannon shooting candy over a crowd of kids.  We had so much fun.. Come back again for pictures from our annual Halloween party.


Oct 01, 2015

We love Fall.  All the pretty changing leaves. Sweaters, boots, etc., etc. We got our first taste of Fall last weekend.  We went on a little hike.  It was more of a nature walk, but it was so pretty and we had so much fun.  At the end of the hike was a little waterfall Grotto area and we had it all to ourselves.  We had lots of fun throwing rocks and splashing around.

Learning to Golf

Sep 18, 2015

We went golfing as a family last weekend.  Bennett and Deacon each have clubs their size and love to hit the ball around with Brian.  April enjoys driving the golf cart, cheering the boys on, and reading a book.  It is a fun activity to get outside and do together.


Aug 03, 2015

We went on an adventure this past weekend. We hiked up a mountain to a cave.  Timpanogos Cave was so fun. We loved seeing all the cool rock formations. We can't wait to have another child to go on fun adventures with.

Hiking Fun!

Jul 29, 2015

In Utah, where we live, the 24th of July is a huge holiday too. Everyone gets off work and there are parades and fireworks.  For the 24th this year we went up to the mountains and hiked around.  We had lots of fun.  Then we went a little further over the mountain and into Wyoming and bought a bunch of fireworks.  WE invited our families over and Brian put on a huge firework show in our circle. It was so much fun!

Summer Days!

Jul 22, 2015

We have been having lots of fun this summer.  We have loved going swimming, hiking, to the park and splash pad.  We also got a giant blow up water slide. It has been the best purchase.  The boys love playing on it all day.  The love to try and synchronize their slides so they splash at the same time!  All the neighborhood kids love coming over and sliding too. Have you been having a fun summer?  We would love to hear about it.

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