Bryce & Jodee

Hoping to Adopt (Utah)


We love to take naps in hammocks! After a long day of playing at the cabin, she was exhausted and snuggled up to Bryce and took a nap in the hammock.
No matter how much they fight and get on each other nerves, these two LOVE snuggling and watching a show. They can’t watch anything without a blanket and someone to sit next to.
His all time favorite thing in life is bugs! His birth family gave him this shirt for his last birthday.
We love everything outside. When it’s decent weather the kids spend most of their time in our yard or as a family hiking.
Our kids are climbers! When they aren’t on the back of the couch, up a tree. or in the cupboards, they use the next best thing... either mom or dad!
We love animals! Anytime we see one we have to stop and pet it if we can. He says he want to be a zoo keeper when he grows up.
Before kids, Bryce and I went mountain biking often. Our rides have changed a bit since then, but the kids seem to enjoy it as much as we do.
Who needs friends when you have COUSINS!!! We love getting together with family. We have parties often and our kids are never without friends. This is just Bryce’s half of the cousins we have in our family.
We love Halloween, and Bryce is a good sport. I have told him that as long as I can get the kids to cooperate I am going to make us themed costumes. This year Banks chose his new favorite Halloween movie for our costumes and we were the Addams family
These kids can turn anything into a toy or a game and have learned it well from Bryce. Nothing is ever boring. What better way to entertain yourself during quarantine, than to dress up like mummies, or ghosts... with a whole roll of toilet paper.
We all love them to swim. If there is water near by you can guarantee our kids will find there way to it. We especially love it when we can get cousins to play in the water too.
Bryce says this in one of his favorite pictures. We love gardening, playing in the dirt, and most importantly... finding bugs! Whatever we are doing the kids are a part of it.
We love to explore! When we can, we try to find places we can hike and find new things. And it is almost always outdoors.
We love playing... any game, any toy. We are not ones to sit still.
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