About Us

Our Family
Adoption is a legacy of love in our family. Our 3 kiddos are adopted, Charis' sister is a birthmother having placed her son for adoption years ago, and our kids have 6 cousins that are adopted. Just like parents are able to love more than one child without the love "dividing", we believe that children are able to love more than one set of parents without it affecting their love for us.

Our girls' genetic families have become part of our family. We love them and they love us.

We want as many people to love our kids as possible, so why would we keep someone that loves them away from them? The only thing we ask is that each of our genetic families love ALL of our kids the same and not favor their genetic child over my other kids. Julah's birthfamily loves on Zoe, and Zoe's birthfamily loves on Julah equally…and there is no shortage of people loving on Boone. The kids have 6 sets of grandparents to spoil them! The love just multiplies, and it's a blessing to all of us involved. :)

Duffy works for a Christian ministry that helps people with meeting their basic needs both locally and globally, and Charis is a Mom that does event planning and adoption awareness activities on the side. Julah is a sweet 7 year old that came to us through the great love of her birthmother (that found us on parent profiles!). She loves airplanes, playing the violin, and dancing. Zoe is a spunky 5 year old that loves to do gymnastics, play the piano, and cuddle. Zoe came to our family through the miracle of embryo adoption. She is bi-racial (African American and Caucasian). Our extended family (which we include our kiddos birthfamilies in) is very diverse and full of amazing adoption stories. We love to travel, go on mission trips, and have adventures! We are a very active family that loves to spend time together whether it's going to the park, walking (or riding tricycles) around the track at the local high school, or watching airplanes land at the airport.

Duffy & I got married in 2007 and started trying to have a family right away. At age 27, I was told I had the ovarian reserve of a 40 year old. After multiple fertility efforts and failed foster to adopt attempts, we turned to domestic adoption and was blessed with our daughter, Julah in 2011. Shortly after Julah was born, we found out about embryo adoption. We matched online again (YAY!), adopted embryos, put them in on our first Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), and was so blessed by the birth of Zoe in 2012.

We have experienced firsthand how wonderful adoption is and know that the Lord will bless us again through this process. We have open adoption arrangements and great relationships with our kid’s biological families and would love to have a semi-open or open relationship with another family. Please feel free to ask any and every question - we are open books! Our kid's genetic families are so excited for us and have offered to do anything they can to help us grow our families, so I'm sure they would love to talk to you if you want. You can get a great idea about what an open adoption with our family wouldn't be like by talking with them.
Boone (2) Zoe (5) and Julah (7).

Boone (2) Zoe (5) and Julah (7).

Our Kids

Julah (born Mar 2011) is an amazingly kind girl. Full of life and love, she adores playing on the swingset in the backyard, dancing, and doing craft projects. She is a "girly-girl" and can't leave the house without a hairbow and (preferably) high heels.

These precious kids want the chance to love on a baby brother, give him a bottle, & hold and snuggle him. We want that for them too.

I always wanted my children to have a special bond and love each other, and it's a dream come true for me to see Julah love on her little siblings. They hold hands while riding in the car, and sneak to each others beds at night to cuddle.

Julah's birthmother connected with us after reading our profile online, and we knew that we were meant to be family. She is like a sister to me and I love her to pieces. We see them once or twice a year (they live 6 hours away from us), but we keep up via facebook, email, and text. Her kids are like nieces and nephews to us, and we are so blessed to be a part of their lives.

Zoe (born Nov 2012) is a bundle of energy, love, and cuddleness (is that even a word?). She loves to ride her bicycle, explore, play with baby dolls, push her baby stroller, and play outside. She would live at the playground if we'd let her. She loves to hug her big sister and little brother, do gymnastics, and be sassy. She is as tough as she is sweet and is mesmerized by newborn babies. We adopted Zoe as an embryo - a pretty new form of adoption. We see her genetic family once or twice a year (they live in Oklahoma) and have a great time hanging out. We are facebook friends and text, email, and facetime with them and the grandparents.

All our genetic families are excited for us to be adopting again and want to support us any way they can. They'd be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have.

Boone is a very active and loving 2 year old boy. He loves to climb, run, take things apart, run, shoot hoops, play on the playground, run, ride his tricycle, eat everything in sight, and RUN. He is always on the move and never walks! His favorite toys are trucks, trains, planes, and basket balls. He has had 5 cousins born in the last year and very much enjoys being close to them, watching them, and helping feed them. He will hold their hands and say “MY baby!”.

These precious kids want the chance to be big sisters/brother, to give a baby a bottle, to hold and snuggle a sibling. We want that for them too. It's been a long hard road for us on the way to adding this fourth child to our family, full of heartache and closed doors. All of this is leading us somewhere...and we are praying it's to you.

Home Life
Although I once promised that our house wouldn't turn into a jungle gym, I have to admit there are toys in every room and we love it. We waited so long for our miracle children, that we love spending as much time together as we possibly can. We have a huge dining room that is often filled with friends and family celebrating holidays and catching up on life activities. In our living room, you'll find a "craft corner" where the kids color and play with stickers as we cook dinner or fold laundry. We have a large backyard perfect for outdoor family time with a swingset and 2 Step Three activity areas. We spend a large portion of our free time outside, as Texas weather permits. Just down the street is our Neighborhood Park and pool, where you can find us most afternoons after school and before dinner.
Charis and Boone at his school dress up day. Elmo is his favorite!

Charis and Boone at his school dress up day. Elmo is his favorite!

About Charis

I will stop in the middle of driving anywhere to save a lost animal, love funky shoes, eat too many sweets, love to snow ski, afraid of heights, care how people feel, won’t hesitate to stand up for what’s right, love animals, get so excited about finding good deals at garage sales, want my husband to bring me donuts instead of flowers, and love the Lord with all my heart, mind, and soul.

My family moved from Houston where my Dad was a pastor at a Bible church, to a small country town in central Texas when I was beginning junior high. It was quite an adventure! We lived on an old broken-down summer camp and spent all our family time repairing it so that we could run programs for kiddos from urban areas to come out during the summer and experience the country.

My kids are a joy in my life, the pride of my heart, and the most amazing blessings I have the privilege to know.

I grew up riding horses, climbing trees, jumping in the lake, building forts, and working in the kitchen at the camp with my 3 younger siblings (2 brothers & 1 sister). I can’t wait to take my kiddos out there on the weekends to feed the cows, swim in the lake, and canoe in the river.

My parents were great role models for me, always encouraging me to do what was right and go after my dreams. My Mom was loving, outgoing, free-spirited, compassionate, and so much fun to be around. She was a friend to everyone and always had great ideas like building treehouses, putting on plays in the living room, or roasting marshmellows in the front yard (totally against the neighborhood rules in Houston) - but somehow she charmed the police and got away with all of it. She passed away from breast cancer when I was 14. Through this devastating loss, my faith was cemented in Christ and I relied on God to carry me through. My Dad is still a pastor and is an incredibly brilliant, supportive, loving and Godly man.

My dream was always to be a stay-at-home Mom of 4 kids. I LOVE kiddos, so I was a teacher for many years. I taught Pre-K, 2nd grade and 4th grade. I absolutely adored my students and still keep up with them on facebook and email. Before Julah was born I worked for Habitat for Humanity, helping families get new, safe, affordable homes. I was so blessed to daily see God answering these families’ prayers! As a mom I love planning big birthday parties, going on school field trips, and packing love notes in their lunches. It's my dream job and I enjoy every minute of it. I get accused of taking too many pictures and videos, but I just want to bottle up the cuteness and keep it forever.

Infertility and the road to adoption has taught me so much about myself, being patient, and putting my hope in the Lord. Hope keeps bubbling to the top, and I will never give up our lifelong dream of having a family of 4 kiddos and their genetic families. My determination, hope, and love for my future children keeps me going.
Duffy playing in the snow with Boone.

Duffy playing in the snow with Boone.

About Duffy

I grew up in a small little town in rural North Carolina. A place very similar to Mayberry, where life is slow and living is easy. I am the oldest of 3 children and have always been the big brother protective type.

I can't wait to grow our family again through the miracle of adoption.

Just ask my little sister. Once when she was a baby, she started crying and I couldn’t find her pacifier. So…being a good big brother, I quickly offered her my finger as a paci. Our family was and is very close to each other, as well as very open to loving on people. As my mother was a high school teacher with a heart the size of Texas (yet living in NC) we often had many of her students come live with us for a while, so when Charis and I first began our adoption journey, everyone was ecstatic!

We have such a wonderful legacy of faith in our family with our lives being centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ. We have always been in church every time the doors were open and usually playing all the musical instruments like the Jackson 5. I have always enjoyed singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments of all kinds.

A son of the star quarterback and head cheerleader, life was always fun and action packed. I grew up playing every sport and love to play, coach, and watch just about any sport with a ball. I’m really I looking forward to coaching my kid’s sports teams, taking my kids to dance class, and teaching them our love for great music.

Charis and I believe in the importance of education. We love to read as a family and love even more to travel to learn of history from the places where the events happened. Since we got married, we have traveled to 4 different continents together and have plans to see the other 3. I have been to 47 states already, but I want to see all 50 eventually.

About Duffy, as told by Charis:
All of my friends spoke so highly of the character, compassion, and devotion of a guy called “Duffy”, that I think I was in love before I ever met him. He is the perfect mixture of an “outgoing fun guy” & a “loving Godly man.” He is always up for new adventures, still opens doors for me, makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt, and makes a point to tell and show me he loves me everyday.

He is a great father to our three kids, and I can’t wait until I get to see him become a Daddy again. It is such a joy to my heart to see him asleep on the couch with those three little kids curled up on his chest, outside in the yard chasing them around with bubbles, or carefully putting their hair up in bows. He’s patient, loving, and compassionate and has endless amounts of energy to play with kids. His favorite time of day is reading “Goodnight Moon” to our kids and saying goodnight prayers with them.

Duffy is a gentle leader, the type of person that people want to follow. He’s inspiring, and you just feel more positive and encouraged after being around him. He listens to people with such patience, graciousness, and wisdom. His heart is tender and full of love for me, his family, and others around - easily seen through his actions and prayers.

Duffy also carefully thinks through his decisions to make sure that they are always Godly and full of integrity. He surprises people sometimes with his boldness, because he doesn’t shy away from standing up for what is right in difficult or tense situations - but he handles these tough situations with such love. Duffy’s love for me is unselfish, patient, and never-ending. He still brings me donuts or flowers (and sometimes both) simply because he wants to make sure that I feel loved.

Although no one is perfect and everyone has their flaws, Duffy comes pretty close to being perfect. When he makes a mistake - he humbly admits it, when he messes up - he is quick to apologize, and when he offends others - he is deeply disturbed until he’s fixed it. I am truly the luckiest woman in the world to get to share life with such an incredible man as my soul mate and best friend.
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