Dear Expectant Parent

We can't wait to welcome a child to our home!
Adoption is a true act of unconditional love. We hope that by telling you about ourselves you will feel confident that your child would be very well cared for and showered with love. We promise that our priority would be your child.

We thank you for taking the time to read our story and are grateful for considering us.

We hope that you will be comfortable in the decision you will make for your child. If you desire, we will make sharing memories and milestones with you part of our family tradition. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we wish you the very best that life can bring for you.
We believe families are created with love

We believe families are created with love

Getting to Know Us

We met when John was assigned to the United States Coast Guard Academy. We started dating in 2009 and were married in 2011. We knew we always wanted a family.

We are excited to become parents!

We both grew up in such happy homes and can't wait to provide that for a child if we are fortunate and blessed to be chosen. We have struggled with infertility and know that adoption is a gift. We both believe family is our number one priority. Our entire family and friends are excited to welcome a little one!

We feel we have been fortunate in life to have found one another and know we can provide a good home for a child. We are both established in our careers but we also enjoy life and spending time together. Even on our days off, we love to go for walks, bike rides and go to the beach to have a picnic and watch the boats sail into Long Island Sound. We love to travel, explore new places and enjoy spending time with our family and friends.
We promise to be the best parents we can be

We promise to be the best parents we can be

Our Promise to You

We can not begin to understand the sacrifice and selfless act you are considering by making an adoption plan. We know you must have many hopes and dreams for your child similar to those we have for our child.

Our promise to you is:
* We will love this child unconditionally as our own and provide the love, encouragement, stability and understanding a child needs to grow and flourish.

We feel we have been fortunate in life and want to share it with a child.

* You will always be spoken of with love and respect.
* We will ensure this child has every opportunity to learn and grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.
* We will be role models as parents, teaching the importance of family, education, work ethic, commitment, integrity, compassion, and empathy.
* We will provide for their physical and emotional well being.
* We will make this child our top priority.
* We will encourage this child to strive to do their very best in whatever endeavors they undertake and in what ever path they choose to pursue as they grow into adulthood.
We admire your courage and desire to want the very best for your child

We admire your courage and desire to want the very best for your child

In Closing

We can assure you we will provide a loving and safe home for your child to grow and prosper. We will cherish being a Mom and Dad and cannot wait to open our hearts and home to complete our family. We also understand that this is a difficult decision for you.

Thank you for considering us and we wish you the very best as you contemplate this decision.

We would be open with your child and tell them how lucky they are to have a birthmother and adoptive parents who love them with all their hearts.

We have so much that we are able to share with a child including a loving home, wonderful family filled with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and an incredible circle of friends we consider our extended family.

Please rest assured that if we were fortunate to become the adoptive parents of your child, they would be safe, have a loving home and would always remain our number one priority.
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