"Pat and Tiffany are very close friends. For over 20 years we have been blessed to have them in our lives. We became close friends with Pat while attending college. We were introduced to Tiffany a few years later when the two were married. We knew instantly Pat found his match. Tiffany's character and strong compassion was apparent from the beginning and it is safe to say, we liked her. Over the years we have had the opportunity to observe Pat and Tiffany as a couple and as parents. The two possess a strong relationship built on mutual respect and love for each other. They both independently chose the profession of teaching, which speaks volumes about their personalities and priorities. We cannot think of a more nurturing couple to raise a child. As parents they are very involved. Their daughter is always in educational activities and they work tirelessly to insure she has every opportunity available to her. As a result she is developing into a beautiful and confident little girl. We can not give them a strong enough recommendation. They are great people, friends, and parents. Jackie Plessas"

Dale and Jackie Plessas ENDORSED | Love Of Family, Family Oriented, Hardworking, Kind And Caring, Amazing Parents Already

"Patrick and Tiffany Ahmann were made to have lots of kids. They are both teachers which speaks to their love of children. My husband and I adopted three girls (and also have four older children) and when the Ahmanns lived in Bangor they were always inviting our girls to do things with them. As my girls got older the Ahmanns were there to listen and support them in good times and in times when the girls were struggling. Watching them parent their daughter Ellie has been a joy. They have just the right balance of leniency and discipline and do it all with love. Family and friends are very important to the Ahmanns which adds to the love and joy they surround themselves with. Patrick and Tiffany parent together. They love each other unconditionally and support each other in all that they do. Because of this love they each make better parents. And what a wonderful sister Ellie will be. I have seen her interact with our granddaughter and I wish so much they still lived nearby so our granddaughter could benefit from the love of Ellie. Tiffany and Patrick have been part of our journey as we adopted our girls. They truly understand the gift of adoption. We have experienced such joy in having the Ahmanns as part of our family and we know how very excited they are to add to their family and how much love they have to share. "

Rita Yardley ENDORSED | Love Of Family, Family Oriented, Hardworking, Kind And Caring, Amazing Parents Already

"Tiffany and Patrick are wonderful parents who have so much to offer to a new addition! I have witnessed first hand the kindness, structure, and fun in their loving home. My own children always feel comfortable and welcome. From pumpkin carving parties to casual afternoons chatting over pizza our family loves spending time with Tiffany, Patrick & Ellie. We especially love getting together for all of the outdoor events around town during the warmer summer months. I highly recommend considering this family!"

Carolyn ENDORSED | Love Of Family

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