Trip to Italy

Trip to Italy

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First off, we obviously can't tell you everything about us in this letter. But we hope that you'll want to know more, and that you will contact us and ask whatever questions you might have. Let us give you just a little taste of us here - and remember, please contact us and get to know us more, because we'd love to get to know you too!

We have been married for over seven years, and we have lived in North Carolina for 6 of those years.

It was time to adopt

We have two beautiful biological children and we are looking forward to having our family grow! Before we were married, we talked about how we would like a large family and we knew that adoption would play a big part in that process.

As a family we have many interests. Killen loves to read, play an occasional computer game, and photography, and he's a self-described nerd. He's a business and technology geek who loves his work, but can't wait to work with technology startups at some point. Holly loves to exercise, kayak, and compete in obstacle course races. She has to get a workout in every day. (and playing basketball with friends doesn't count!) She's especially glad that she has the luxury of being home full time the kids, getting to enjoy seeing them grow through these fun young years. Both of us are college graduates, and Killen has an MBA.

Lilyann is 5 and loves books, art projects, and playing with her sister. She's so excited to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels, and she so proud of herself that she can almost swim without floaties. She's also really excited to start Kindergarten in the Fall. Shiloh is 3 and loves to play with toys, play with our dogs, and loves to follow her big sister. But she has a competitive streak. She gets so frustrated that she can't keep up on her bike! Both of them enjoy going to the community pool almost every day during the summer. Other seasons, Holly makes sure to get them out to the playground, as well as to the library every week.

As a family we love to camp, hike, fish, visit fairs/festivals, visit the coast and watch movies. Whenever Holly has things to do in the evening, the girls love popping popcorn and watching the movie of the month (right now it's Penguins of Madagascar) with Killen before bed.

Most of our family is spread out all over the country, mostly west of the Mississippi, so we have learned to create traditions of our own. We always attend the State Fair, as well as the and at Thanksgiving, we go explore the mountains. Spring and Fall we go to the beach. But in between, we keep in close touch with parents and siblings. Every month Lilyann and Shiloh Skype with their grandparents on Killen's side out in Arizona. Killen's parents love to send the grandkids packages with little treats, coloring books and stickers... And the girls get soooo excited to open them! When we can, we get grandma and grandpa on the phone while we open them up.

After we had our two girls, we struggled getting pregnant again. After over two years of trying, we felt that was a sign that it was time to adopt. We are ready to have our family grow through adoption. Neither one of us comes from particularly large families - Killen just has one older brother, and Holly has three older siblings. But both of us have felt the urge to raise our own basketball team! (Holly wouldn't mind having an 8-man football squad, with maybe a couple of subs!) Get in touch with us, get to know us. We hope you and your child will consider joining our family!
Family walk around our neighborhood

Family walk around our neighborhood

Our neighborhood is awesome!

We love our neighborhood. We have a very family friendly neighborhood. We have a public library within a 10 minute walk which offers various kid and family programs.

We have a very family friendly neighborhood

Just a 5 minute walk away, there is a playground, where the kids love to play on the jungle gyms and swings, as well as a community pool and kiddie pool where the kids love to play during the hot summer months. Just across the street is a neighborhood lake where Holly frequently takes the girls kayaking. We have a very family friendly Home Owners Association which has various family friendly activities. The elementary school is also just a 10 minute walk away, so we plan on walking the girls to and from school once Lilyann starts Kindergarten this fall.

In addition to our neighborhood, we are active in our church and have wonderful church community! Both Holly and Killen help out with church-related programs - Holly leads the children's programming in our congregation, and Killen volunteers on the Boy Scout committee for the Troop that the congregation sponsors.

Several friends both in our neighborhood and in our congregation have adopted multiple times, so we have a ready-made support system despite distance from extended family.
Date night

Date night

We are so sorry

Whatever situation you are in, we so sorry for the hurt that you have gone through. It is a difficult decision when deciding about what would be best for your children. This is why we have complete respect and admiration for birth parents because they are sacrificing so much in order to make a better life for their child.

Both born and unborn, biological and adopted, we have unconditional love for all our kids.

Since we understand that adoption can be such a difficult decision, we are absolutely supportive of an open adoption.

We are a loving family, financially stable, we have two dogs, and a house. Both born and unborn, biological and adopted, we have unconditional love for all our kids.
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