Just another Saturday

Jul 02, 2017

As a family this morning we went around to some local thrift stores. Shiloh and Lilyann's bookshelf that they have in their room is not very stable and needs to be replaced. We decided that it would be best to look around at the thrift shops to see if there was anything there. We also have a piano that lacked a bench and we needed to look for one. The first store we went to had a lot of furniture. It did not have a bookshelf sturdy enough for the books Shiloh and Lilyann. It did however, have a table that, with a little wood work, could be turned into a beautiful piano bench. Even though we didn't find a bookshelf, Lilyann and Shiloh were very excited because there was a mechanical horse inside the store. They each had a quarter to use for a ride on the machine and took turns riding it. Lilyann loved it! Shiloh was a little nervous. She probably prefers real horses. The next store we went to didn't have a bookshelf either. So we headed home.

We grabbed lunch and then everyone rested at home. Holly and Killen decided to build Lilyann and Shiloh a bookshelf since we didn't find one. Holly, Lilyann, and Shiloh took the dogs on a walk while Killen got our car ready to go to the store. When the girls got back, we all loaded into the car, including our dogs Henry and Gemma, and headed to the store. The girls loved walking the dogs around the store and the dogs probably enjoyed the new adventure with all of us. We were very successful this trip in buying everything we needed to build a bookshelf and the girls got to pick out the color of paint that they wanted. 

When we got home, Shiloh and Lilyann took baths, had bedtime stories, and then headed to bed. When the girls were settled, Holly and Killen enjoyed a relaxing time watching some shows together. 

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