The family that builds together...

Jul 04, 2017

If you couldn't tell from our photo albums, we love the beach. But one of the other things we tend to like to do is build things. Killen is pretty picky about "solid wood" construction of things versus the typical particle board that is often used in office and bedroom furniture. He takes it far enough that if he doesn't think something is sturdy enough, he just gets it into his head that he'll just build it himself. Not that he's any kind of expert craftsman, of course. But it's fun to get the whole family involved in going to the hardware store, picking out lumber, stain or paint, and then come home and start constructing something that we can always point to as being uniquely ours. Killen even invents the designs in his head... Again, he's no expert craftsman, so we're not talking fancy designs here. But gosh darn it they'll be STURDY!

Lilyann and Shiloh had a small bookshelf in their bedroom that broke when they were rough-housing a bit. So this weekend we looked for a new one. None we found were up to Killen's high "sturdiness" standards, so he announced he'd just build them a new one. Saturday we got the materials, and since Killen had today off work for the holiday, we spent it on our latest project. Killen measured and cut, Holly did the heavy lifting on the sanding, and we both screwed it together. Even the girls helped with some initial sanding. Now with everything together, Holly and the girls will have fun painting it the "Mystic Sea" green color the girls picked out a the store. 

This isn't the only woodworking project we've done together. One weekend when Killen's parents were out visiting, Killen and his dad built beds for the girls. Again, nothing fancy, but incredibly sturdy! Lilyann helped sand the wood, and she and Holly stained all the pieces before final assembly. There were a lot of scraps, so Holly took them and built the girls a little coloring table and chairs. Her design was more fancy than any of Killen's. She finally got to use the skills she developed in high school shop class! (yes, she took shop in high school)

Next project - raised herb planters for the front porch!

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