Busy Week

Jul 09, 2017

We have had a busy week! Holly, Lily and Shiloh painted the bookshelf. Lilyann and Shiloh decided that fingerprinting was much more fun than using a paintbrush so Holly ended up putting on a few more layers to even out the paint. We set up the bookshelf in the girls' room and they love it! 

Friday was Lilyann and Shiloh's last day of swimming lessons. They both asked when they could go back and take swimming lessons again because they loved it so much. After swimming lessons, Lilyann and Shiloh had two friends over to play. The girls were very proud to show their friends their new bookshelf that they spent a lot of the time in their room with their friends looking through books. Friday night, Lilyann and Killen shot firecrackers from our driveway. Lilyann loved spending one on one time with her Daddy shooting off firecrackers. Shiloh is afraid of loud noises so while Lilyann and Killen were shooting firecrackers, Holly and Shiloh took the dogs on a long walk around our neighborhood lake. Shiloh was very happy to be away from the loud noises and to spend one on one time with Holly. 

Saturday the family spent the morning cleaning. The girls cleaned up their toys, picked up their room, and helped vacuum. Saturday evening, Killen and Holly were able to spend time together on a date while Lilyann and Shiloh were able to go to a friend's house to play and have dinner. Lilyann and Shiloh both loved going to their friend's house that they asked when they could go back to play! Killen and I are both 

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