Short but sweet...

Jul 16, 2017

This post will be a bit short, but we hope it gives you a sweet glimpse into our lives, and potentially the life your child might have with our family. We are active church goers every Sunday morning. Holly is usually the first one up to get ready, but she hadn't slept well. So Killen got up earlier to let her sleep in a little bit more. As Killen was getting out of bed Lilyann came staggering into our bedroom, crawled into bed with Holly and asked, "can I snuggle with you?"  So Holly wrapped her arms around Lilyann, and Lilyann wrapped her arms around Holly's neck, and both laid back down on Holly's pillow and fell back asleep. 

What you need to know is that this is not a unique morning. Most days, either one or both of our little girls make their way into our bed before the sun comes up to snuggle with us for an hour or two. Killen usually ends up with little knees in his back as the girls wedge themselves between us. It hurts, but he loves it! We promise this is how your child will start almost every morning - safely snuggled in the arms of loving parents and siblings!

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