Aug 13, 2017

Killen had a work trip and was gone some of the week. Holly and the girls didn't want him to have all of the fun. So while he was gone, Holly took the girls and dogs camping. Everyone had fun. Holly taught the girls how to fill up their beds with air, set up a tent, and get sticks for a campfire. The nights that we were there were spent around a campfire talking, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the outdoors. During the daytime we enjoyed swimming in the lake, fishing (but not catching anything), and walking around looking for deer. The girls loved swimming and fishing so much, they couldn't decide which one they liked better. We saw many deer. Lilyann and Shiloh were both very excited to even see some baby deer. At night, when everyone was in bed, we took turns telling stories. Holly told stories of her childhood and camping with her family. Lilyann and Shiloh loved making stories of their own about camping. The dogs enjoyed the freedom of being outside constantly through the day and night. When it was time to head back home, everyone was sad that we couldn't stay longer, but very excited to get home and see Killen. 

Saturday was a very laid back day and we spent time as a family. Everyone needed to recuperate from all of our adventures and we spent time at home together. At the end of the day Holly and Killen discussed how much we love to spend time together and how even though our lives are not perfect, we are so happy to be a family. 

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