Busy Bees

Sep 07, 2017

We sure have been busy! We have been trying to squeeze in what little Summer we have left with lots of Summertime activities. We have been swimming in the pool, swimming in the lake, kayaking, walking, going to the trampoline park, and just enjoying each other's company. Lilyann started school and loves it! Holly and Killen can hardly believe that they now have a child old enough to be in kindergarten. Shiloh is the one most upset that her sister is gone during the day. While Lilyann is at school, Holly and Shiloh have enjoyed spending quality time together. Holly and Shiloh love to walk to the library for story time and to pick out new books. All along the walk, Shiloh loves to pick up bugs which she calls her "pets" and takes them on the walk. Even though Shiloh is sad that her sister is gone all day, she does feel lucky to play with all of the toys without having an older sister to ask for permission from. On one of the adventures out walking, Holly and Shiloh discovered that there is a trail that leads to the back of Lilyann's school! Now throughout the day, Shiloh frequently asks if it is time to walk to pick up Lily. For Holly, it is the sweetest thing to see Lilyann and Shiloh get excited to see each other when Lilyann gets out of school. 

Yesterday after school, Lilyann and Shiloh discovered a package that was addressed to them. They were so excited to find that their cousins from Colorado sent them a package of goodies. The goodies included homemade bracelets, a homemade book, and masks that Lilyann and Shiloh could decorate! They were both so excited that they right away wanted to send them a package of goodies too. Lilyann and Shiloh don't see their cousins very often, but they still love keeping in contact with them through the phone, letters, packages, and FaceTime. 

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