Busy Bees

Sep 07, 2017

We sure have been busy! We have been trying to squeeze in what little Summer we have left with lots of Summertime activities. We have been swimming in the pool, swimming in the lake, kayaking, walking, going to the trampoline park, and just enjoying each other's company. Lilyann started school and loves it! Holly and Killen can hardly believe that they now have a child old enough to be in kindergarten. Shiloh is the one most upset that her sister is gone during the day. While Lilyann is at school, Holly and Shiloh have enjoyed spending quality time together. Holly and Shiloh love to walk to the library for story time and to pick out new books. All along the walk, Shiloh loves to pick up bugs which she calls her "pets" and takes them on the walk. Even though Shiloh is sad that her sister is gone all day, she does feel lucky to play with all of the toys without having an older sister to ask for permission from. On one of the adventures out walking, Holly and Shiloh discovered that there is a trail that leads to the back of Lilyann's school! Now throughout the day, Shiloh frequently asks if it is time to walk to pick up Lily. For Holly, it is the sweetest thing to see Lilyann and Shiloh get excited to see each other when Lilyann gets out of school. 

Yesterday after school, Lilyann and Shiloh discovered a package that was addressed to them. They were so excited to find that their cousins from Colorado sent them a package of goodies. The goodies included homemade bracelets, a homemade book, and masks that Lilyann and Shiloh could decorate! They were both so excited that they right away wanted to send them a package of goodies too. Lilyann and Shiloh don't see their cousins very often, but they still love keeping in contact with them through the phone, letters, packages, and FaceTime. 


Aug 13, 2017

Killen had a work trip and was gone some of the week. Holly and the girls didn't want him to have all of the fun. So while he was gone, Holly took the girls and dogs camping. Everyone had fun. Holly taught the girls how to fill up their beds with air, set up a tent, and get sticks for a campfire. The nights that we were there were spent around a campfire talking, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the outdoors. During the daytime we enjoyed swimming in the lake, fishing (but not catching anything), and walking around looking for deer. The girls loved swimming and fishing so much, they couldn't decide which one they liked better. We saw many deer. Lilyann and Shiloh were both very excited to even see some baby deer. At night, when everyone was in bed, we took turns telling stories. Holly told stories of her childhood and camping with her family. Lilyann and Shiloh loved making stories of their own about camping. The dogs enjoyed the freedom of being outside constantly through the day and night. When it was time to head back home, everyone was sad that we couldn't stay longer, but very excited to get home and see Killen. 

Saturday was a very laid back day and we spent time as a family. Everyone needed to recuperate from all of our adventures and we spent time at home together. At the end of the day Holly and Killen discussed how much we love to spend time together and how even though our lives are not perfect, we are so happy to be a family. 

Short but sweet...

Jul 16, 2017

This post will be a bit short, but we hope it gives you a sweet glimpse into our lives, and potentially the life your child might have with our family. We are active church goers every Sunday morning. Holly is usually the first one up to get ready, but she hadn't slept well. So Killen got up earlier to let her sleep in a little bit more. As Killen was getting out of bed Lilyann came staggering into our bedroom, crawled into bed with Holly and asked, "can I snuggle with you?"  So Holly wrapped her arms around Lilyann, and Lilyann wrapped her arms around Holly's neck, and both laid back down on Holly's pillow and fell back asleep. 

What you need to know is that this is not a unique morning. Most days, either one or both of our little girls make their way into our bed before the sun comes up to snuggle with us for an hour or two. Killen usually ends up with little knees in his back as the girls wedge themselves between us. It hurts, but he loves it! We promise this is how your child will start almost every morning - safely snuggled in the arms of loving parents and siblings!

Busy Week

Jul 09, 2017

We have had a busy week! Holly, Lily and Shiloh painted the bookshelf. Lilyann and Shiloh decided that fingerprinting was much more fun than using a paintbrush so Holly ended up putting on a few more layers to even out the paint. We set up the bookshelf in the girls' room and they love it! 

Friday was Lilyann and Shiloh's last day of swimming lessons. They both asked when they could go back and take swimming lessons again because they loved it so much. After swimming lessons, Lilyann and Shiloh had two friends over to play. The girls were very proud to show their friends their new bookshelf that they spent a lot of the time in their room with their friends looking through books. Friday night, Lilyann and Killen shot firecrackers from our driveway. Lilyann loved spending one on one time with her Daddy shooting off firecrackers. Shiloh is afraid of loud noises so while Lilyann and Killen were shooting firecrackers, Holly and Shiloh took the dogs on a long walk around our neighborhood lake. Shiloh was very happy to be away from the loud noises and to spend one on one time with Holly. 

Saturday the family spent the morning cleaning. The girls cleaned up their toys, picked up their room, and helped vacuum. Saturday evening, Killen and Holly were able to spend time together on a date while Lilyann and Shiloh were able to go to a friend's house to play and have dinner. Lilyann and Shiloh both loved going to their friend's house that they asked when they could go back to play! Killen and I are both 

The family that builds together...

Jul 04, 2017

If you couldn't tell from our photo albums, we love the beach. But one of the other things we tend to like to do is build things. Killen is pretty picky about "solid wood" construction of things versus the typical particle board that is often used in office and bedroom furniture. He takes it far enough that if he doesn't think something is sturdy enough, he just gets it into his head that he'll just build it himself. Not that he's any kind of expert craftsman, of course. But it's fun to get the whole family involved in going to the hardware store, picking out lumber, stain or paint, and then come home and start constructing something that we can always point to as being uniquely ours. Killen even invents the designs in his head... Again, he's no expert craftsman, so we're not talking fancy designs here. But gosh darn it they'll be STURDY!

Lilyann and Shiloh had a small bookshelf in their bedroom that broke when they were rough-housing a bit. So this weekend we looked for a new one. None we found were up to Killen's high "sturdiness" standards, so he announced he'd just build them a new one. Saturday we got the materials, and since Killen had today off work for the holiday, we spent it on our latest project. Killen measured and cut, Holly did the heavy lifting on the sanding, and we both screwed it together. Even the girls helped with some initial sanding. Now with everything together, Holly and the girls will have fun painting it the "Mystic Sea" green color the girls picked out a the store. 

This isn't the only woodworking project we've done together. One weekend when Killen's parents were out visiting, Killen and his dad built beds for the girls. Again, nothing fancy, but incredibly sturdy! Lilyann helped sand the wood, and she and Holly stained all the pieces before final assembly. There were a lot of scraps, so Holly took them and built the girls a little coloring table and chairs. Her design was more fancy than any of Killen's. She finally got to use the skills she developed in high school shop class! (yes, she took shop in high school)

Next project - raised herb planters for the front porch!

Just another Saturday

Jul 02, 2017

As a family this morning we went around to some local thrift stores. Shiloh and Lilyann's bookshelf that they have in their room is not very stable and needs to be replaced. We decided that it would be best to look around at the thrift shops to see if there was anything there. We also have a piano that lacked a bench and we needed to look for one. The first store we went to had a lot of furniture. It did not have a bookshelf sturdy enough for the books Shiloh and Lilyann. It did however, have a table that, with a little wood work, could be turned into a beautiful piano bench. Even though we didn't find a bookshelf, Lilyann and Shiloh were very excited because there was a mechanical horse inside the store. They each had a quarter to use for a ride on the machine and took turns riding it. Lilyann loved it! Shiloh was a little nervous. She probably prefers real horses. The next store we went to didn't have a bookshelf either. So we headed home.

We grabbed lunch and then everyone rested at home. Holly and Killen decided to build Lilyann and Shiloh a bookshelf since we didn't find one. Holly, Lilyann, and Shiloh took the dogs on a walk while Killen got our car ready to go to the store. When the girls got back, we all loaded into the car, including our dogs Henry and Gemma, and headed to the store. The girls loved walking the dogs around the store and the dogs probably enjoyed the new adventure with all of us. We were very successful this trip in buying everything we needed to build a bookshelf and the girls got to pick out the color of paint that they wanted. 

When we got home, Shiloh and Lilyann took baths, had bedtime stories, and then headed to bed. When the girls were settled, Holly and Killen enjoyed a relaxing time watching some shows together. 

Summer Swimming Day

Jun 30, 2017

This morning Shiloh and Lilyann took swimming lessons from our local Parks and Recreation. They just started taking swimming lessons this week, and they love it! Every morning this week they have asked if they have swimming lessons that day. It is so fun to watch how much they have improved even within the last 4 days of swimming. We love to spend a lot of time in the water during the Summer, but Shiloh and Lilyann never had the skills or the confidence to actually take off their floaties to attempt swimming by themselves. NOW THEY DO!!! As a parent it is so fun to see them grow and learn skills and build confidence that they will use later in life. 

After swimming lessons, Holly packed a lunch to meet some friends at our neighborhood pool. Lilyann and Shiloh love walking to the pool (or racing to it). Shiloh and Lilyann were very proud to show their new swimming skills to their friends while Holly enjoyed her time at the pool talking and swimming with a good friend. The kids loved moving from the kiddie pool to the "Momma Pool" and trying to figure out what pool was better at that moment. 

After eating lunch and swimming at the pool, Holly took Lilyann and Shiloh home for some time to rest. The girls were exhausted from swimming and being in the sun, so rest is exactly what everyone needed. Holly cleaned up and then did her daily workout. 

While dinner was in the oven, Holly spent some one on one time with Shiloh taking the dogs on a walk. Lilyann and Killen stayed home to rest. Holly enjoyed holding hands and walking with Shiloh while Shiloh pointed out every bug she saw and asked if it was her "pet". 

After dinner, Holly sat at the piano with Shiloh and Lilyann singing songs that they knew. 

Shiloh and Lilyann were then ready for bed. Holly read stories to them and kissed them goodnight. Once they were settled, Holly went to play some basketball while Killen handled the usual nightly bedtime rambunctiousness. Holly plays pickup basketball every Thursday night with a bunch of ladies of all ages. Lilyann and Shiloh are always asking to go to basketball too. The response is always the same, "when you're older, you can come". 

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