Gordon & Jessica

Hoping to Adopt (Utah)


Epic Nerf Gun Day

Like many around the world right now, our family is self quarantined. The first week was exhausting. Trying to adjust to all the changes which at first didn’t seem like they’d be too difficult and in all honesty they haven’t been, but adjusting to being our son’s full time entertainment and social outlet was hard. After a week of figuring out what this new way of temporary life would look like, we recharged and came up with some additional ways to support one another that allowed for more time together and also time apart which was necessary. As we enter week four of quarantine we truly are experiencing more joy than not. Like the day when we played with nerf guns from morning to bedtime. It was so much fun! Life feels so free in a sense. There’s no rush. We are simply living in the moment, enjoying the happy times as well as the times big emotions come out. We’re learning how to show deeper love and connection for one another and to those around us. Our sense of community has increased as well as our personal relationships. We want to remember this time of life and cherish it. And so far it’s been an experience none of us will forget.

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