Hi! This is our story...

Winter in NYC
We’re Barnaby and Grace and have been married for five happy years. We met through work – Grace was a client of Barnaby’s and they worked on a project together. We spoke on the phone a lot before meeting and Barnaby fell in love with Grace’s voice! When we finally did meet, we had a strong connection which resulted in lots of amazing dates, the first of which ended with us walking for miles through London on a summer’s evening, just to be together for that bit longer.

We have a warm and loving home

In 2012 we moved into a lovely little apartment together and a few months later we were engaged! We got married in France in the garden at Barnaby’s family home. It was such a special day, with all our family and friends surrounding us with love.

After marrying we moved from London to New York (yes, we’re British and have accents!), with Barnaby’s job in film production. We were so excited to start the next phase in our marriage, in a country full of optimism and possibilities. Fast forward to now and we’re living in Brooklyn, ready to welcome another new child into our happy family.
On a cold winters day walk

On a cold winters day walk

We’re excited to meet you

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, our story and hopes for the future. While we can’t yet understand what you’re going through, we’re sure this must be a difficult time and we want you to know we’re warm and open. We’re looking forward to connecting, hearing more about you and answering any questions you may have.

We’re looking forward to connecting

Our two families together at our wedding

Our two families together at our wedding

Our family

We both have big families and have four siblings each. Three boys and one girl on either side! It means we have a huge amount of love and everyone is so excited to meet the new addition. We have close family across the world, from London to Paris, to Switzerland and Ohio.

Everyone is so excited to meet the new addition

Between us, we have three nephews and nieces and the relationship we have with them is such a joy.

Barnaby is very close to Sebastian, his brother’s son. They often spend days together, and he and Grace look after him for the weekend to give his parents a bit of peace! It was so wonderful when he recently learnt our names and continued to say ‘cat’ as we have a beautiful kitty named Neko! Grace’s niece is like a mini version of her and they are always having hilarious chats! They play games together and paint each other’s nails. Truly girlie!

While we don’t know exactly what the future holds, we’re looking forward to sharing happy experiences like this with our children. What we do know is there’s a huge family just waiting to love our little one.
On summer vacation, very much in love

On summer vacation, very much in love

Why we love each other

Barnaby says…
Grace is such a warm, loving person who has built incredible friendships over the years. She will provide a caring and emotionally supportive environment for a child to grow up. I can't wait to see her share her love with a new member of the family.

Grace says…
There are so many wonderful things about Barnaby! He’s kind, generous, ambitious, smart and has the best smile. He’s so good with people and kids – he loves bringing people together and putting others first. He’s also a fantastic cook which is great for me! Every night is something different and delicious. I can’t wait to see him become a Father and share all his wisdom and love.

If you're interesting in having us as part of your family, please call 1-800-379-8418 or email graceandbarnaby@gmail.com
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