"Barnaby is a kind, hard-working and genuine person who is always there to lend a helping hand. This was epitomised by the support and help he gave on the occasion of my wedding – both emotionally and with gestures such as driving to a local restaurant and buying pizza for all the guests the night before the wedding when I was too busy to get them. He is trustworthy and warm-hearted. Barnaby has always been there for me when I have needed him – and I know I can absolutely count on him. Grace is a thoughtful and loving person who cares greatly about other people. I have witnessed the way she has responded to her friends who have needed her help (e.g. at times of illness) – with nothing being too much and Grace willing to do anything to support them. It is a joy to see her interacting with her nephew and niece and the mutual love they share for one another, whether it be when Grace is reading stories to them or playing games in the garden. Given these characters, I wholeheartedly give my recommendation and support for them to adopt a child - I know they will be excellent parents!"

Paul Decker ENDORSED | Family Oriented, Healthy And Active, Outgoing And Positive, Loyal To Family And Friends, Great Sense Of Humor

"With their strong family values and zesty approach to life, I think Grace and Barnaby will be brilliant parents and great role models. They would be able to provide the security, love and encouragement for any child to grow up safe, happy and strong. Grace is effervescent and genuinely lights up a room with her smiley disposition. People gravitate towards her. She’s also a kind, trustworthy and loyal friend who can be relied upon during difficult times as well as good. This is reflected in the fact that she has a very close circle of friends from her time at High School as well as those she’s made throughout her career and life in London. Whilst on the one hand she’s a strong and independent woman, she’s also very family orientated, close to her brothers and parents, as well as a fun and committed aunt to her niece, Rosa, and nephew, Joe. As a mother I think she would be loving, practical, dependable and inspiring. Barnaby is dependable, fun, adventurous and driven. Whether it’s commandeering local fitness boot camps in the park, organising social events, leading at business conferences, or getting involved in his parents’ school shows (both are teachers) he does everything with infectious gusto! He’s a lovely person to be around. Professionally, he’s very successful having set up a business with his friend from university, which has included social initiatives such as offering kids from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity for work experience with them, which shows an empathy with those less fortunate than him. Like Grace, he’s cultured loyal and enduring friendships with those from his high school and university. As a dad I think he would be hugely involved in his children’s lives, spending lots of time with them and making sure they made the most of all the opportunities open to them. I wholeheartedly recommend this lovely couple as adoption parents. "

Caroline Winder ENDORSED | Family Oriented, Healthy And Active, Outgoing And Positive, Loyal To Family And Friends, Great Sense Of Humor

"I've known Barnaby for 31 years (since we were at Kindergarten together) and Grace for 5 years, ever since they met. I can't think of a couple who would be better suited to becoming parents, or a couple with more care and love to offer a child. Barnaby and Grace both have qualities that will make them amazing, loving parents. They are hard-working, successful, kind and generous people. They love children and have lots of nieces and nephews and therefore, but they are also under no illusions about the responsibility and challenges of parenthood. One thing that I particularly love about Barnaby and Grace is the way they respond to life’s challenges with love and openness. They have built a relationship and a marriage that is happy, honest and resilient. When I look at them I see a partnership with the strength and the give-and-take needed to truly anchor a family and provide the loving, safe and stable environment an adopted child – indeed any child – needs. They are such wonderful people, and they have dreamed of starting a family for a long time. I hope with all my heart that that dream comes true. "

Peter Harrington ENDORSED | Family Oriented, Healthy And Active, Outgoing And Positive, Loyal To Family And Friends, Great Sense Of Humor

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