• 4 Empathetic
  • 4 Kind
  • 4 Adventurous
  • 1 open-minded
  • 1 patient

"We have known Neil and Hilary for 8 years. Neil was my roommate for 3.5 years and we were very close. Neil is very creative and spontaneous so we had many good times together. Hilary was our neighbor for a time and we were drawn to her nurturing nature and positive attitude. Our favorite thing about Neil and Hilary is how good of a team they make. They compliment each other beautifully and have built a life where they are able to thrive, find meaning, and contribute to their community. Becoming parents is very important to them and I believe they will be awesome at it. It has been a goal for them for several years and they have invested in preparing themselves in many ways. We recently went on a trip with them and they researched and found many interesting activities for the group. I believe they would bring this same spirit of adventure to provide enriching experiences for their child. We fully believe that they will be committed, caring, and supportive parents. "

Cody and Riann Lutz ENDORSED | Empathetic, Kind, Adventurous, open-minded, patient

"Hilary and Neil are remarkable people who are filled with kindness, compassion, and faith. They are bright, hard-working and capable. They will be wonderful parents who will teach their children to love learning, to see the good in the world, and to treat others with love and respect."

"I'm so excited to be recommending Hilary and Neil as future adoptive parents! Hilary and I were roommates for two years in college at Utah State University. I met Neil during the second year when the two of them were dating and then engaged. I've known Hilary for 9 years and Neil for 5 years. We were bridesmaids in each other's weddings. Hilary is one of my very best and most supportive friends, even living in a different state. Hilary has shared with me her desire to be a mom and then an adoptive mom many times over the last 5 years. I've heard a lot about the work she and Neil put into adopting and preparing to be parents, including meeting with other adoptive parents, preparing their home to be a safe place for new children, writing letters to their future children, and many other things. Hilary and Neil are both fun and supportive people. They work hard to love and encourage each other. For their birthdays, for example, they have a tradition of planning events or experiences rather than buying gifts for each other. Neil has planned adventures, like parasailing, for Hilary who loves trying new things. Hilary filled Neil's birthday with his favorite simple pleasures, like reading in a coffee shop and watching The Office because he likes things to be more low key. I'm sure they will work even harder to love and take care of their children as individuals. This adoption would be a first child for the Brown's. They are so prepared to be parents! Hilary is very vocally excited and can't help but share the progress of their adoption process. Neil is much quieter, but is the type to quietly serve rather than use words to show his support. He took on the project of building a fence around their backyard pool and preparing a yard for their family. It took many hours that he spent mostly on his own to make sure it was done correctly. I think that's how they'll be as parents--Hilary will be offering pep talks and energy to encourage, while Neil will quietly spend time serving their family. They are a good team because they have different strengths and interests, but are always respectful and understanding of each other's feelings and wishes. Hilary has always been close with her family, and they have welcomed Neil right in as one of their own because he loves and takes care of Hilary. Hilary has always been good at including others and making them feel understood and loved. I know she has worked hard to build relationships with individual members of Neil's family. She has also helped Neil to strengthen his relationships with his brothers. Hilary is the oldest of 6 girls. She has individual relationships with each of them. They are a very close family and always make time for fun things together. When Hilary and Neil were engaged, Neil made a concerted effort to get to know Hilary's sisters and formed quick bonds with them individually. He choreographed and performed a surprise dance with Hilary's sisters at their wedding, just for fun and because he knew how important her sisters are to Hilary. Hilary is a secondary English/language arts teacher and has worked in junior high and high school settings. I'm also a teacher, so we have spent countless hours talking about the job. Hilary works very hard to make sure each of her students feel respected and successful. Hilary and Neil have both worked with children in their church congregation in different capacities as well. Hilary works hard to make sure that her students are supported and successful. This means that she adapts to the individual every time. She has high expectations for all of them, but respects that her high expectations are often different from person to person. I am certain that will be the same with their own children! Her goal is always to instill respect--respect for self, others, and the community as a whole. That means that any "punishment" is geared around restoring and serving, rather than a loss of privileges, etc. I know Hilary and Neil will both be positive, supportive, and consistent with each other. I think the best word to describe the Brown's relationship is supportive. I lived with Hilary the year they were engaged and watched them serve and do little things just to make the other happy. I helped Neil plan his proposal to be something that would be meaningful to Hilary. Hilary regularly made food the way that Neil liked it or went out of her way to get it to him. Hilary and Neil love travelling together! They took the last year off of travelling to save money for their adoption, but have still found ways to explore closer to home. They both love to read and watch documentaries. Hilary likes doing yoga, baking, and serving with organizations around them. Neil likes spending time with their dog Charlie and working on house projects. They love to serve and try new things together. If there was ever a time when my husband and I couldn't do it on our own, I would happily place my own child with the Browns and feel totally confident that he would be happy and healthy. I have zero reservations in endorsing Hilary and Neil as parents! "

"Both Neil and Hilary will make amazing parents. Neil has been around children his entire life. Both he and Hilary chose specific employment in order to make a difference. Neil loves learning new things, adventure, music and reading. He is awesome with kids and has worked with them in several capacities. He is loyal, committed and loves doing new things. Hilary loves kids in everyway possible. Her calling in life has been to educate them not only in learning but in giving them the tools that will help long after they leave her class room. Hilary also loves travel, learning, reading and being active in things that are important to her. Both Neil and Hilary give back to their community. It is important to both of them that they are a positive impact."

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