Dear Expectant Parent,

We would love to get to know you!
We are delighted that you are taking the time to look at our family as you consider adoption as a possibility for your child. This must be a very difficult time for you, and we pray that you will know what is best for you and your child as you face so many decisions. Our first child’s birth mom told us that there are so many questions that float through one’s mind under these circumstances, so we would like to encourage you to ask us anything you want to help you make your decisions and find peace.

We would like to encourage you to ask us anything you want to help you make your decisions and find peace.

We would love to get to know you!

In order to give you a chance to get to know us, Jared will tell you about how we met, and then you’ll read what we like to do, how we adopted our son Lukas seven years ago, and what he is like now.
This is us!

This is us!

About Us

Jessica and I were both missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Germany when we first met. After the mission, we started emailing and calling each other on the phone. Jessica was at BYU and I was in Germany doing my civil service working with the non-profit German Child Protection Agency.

We are grateful and excited to be adoptive parents.

Through the many emails and conversations on the phone, we got to know each other very well. Since our family situations were similar, and because we both contemplated what to do next in life, we shared many thoughts with each other that made us realize that we had a lot of common experiences, ideas, and goals.

After a few months, Jessica came out to visit me in Germany. When I picked her up at the airport, it hit me how beautiful she was. On our second day together, I showed her lots of beautiful places in Hamburg: I took her on top of church spires, through a tunnel under the Elbe River, and to the harbor where we picnicked as we watched the ships departing. Throughout that day, I had a strong feeling to ask her to marry me. Three times I ignored it, since I had no ring and no plan on what should come next. But that night, after we had made dinner together, I felt it again as clear as day that I would want to spend all of my life with this wonderful woman. So I asked her if she would marry me. After the initial shock of that unexpected question, she smiled and said "Yes."

After 6 more months of a long-distance relationship, two more visits to the US and Germany respectively, and innumerable phone calls and emails (we actually printed them all), we got married in Washington DC on August 26th, 2003, the best day of my life! Even now, after almost 13 years, I still look at her sometimes and wonder how I could be so lucky to be her husband!

-About Jessica-
Jessica (36) is a former elementary school teacher who is now an adventurous mom to our seven-year-old son, while tutoring other kids once a week on the side. She loves sharing her life passions with Lukas while helping him discover his own life joys and talents. She enjoys hiking, archery, snorkeling, photography, and loves being outdoors as much as possible. Growing up in Virginia gave her a love of the woods and rivers, and she tries to get Lukas up a mountain, into the woods, or to the beach as often as time allows it. She sings in a professional choir once a week and looks forward to getting to sing in a major concert hall.

-About Jared-
Jared (36), who was born and raised in Germany, loves being a dad, a high school teacher, and soccer coach. He enjoys playing sports and board games, hanging out at the beach, and playing Legos with Lukas.

As a German teacher, Jared really has a gift of reaching young people and motivating them to want to learn the language and also to become better people. As a result, the 2016 senior class voted him as Most Inspirational Teacher. In the community, his German Program is well-known and respected because his students can speak, read, and write at unparalleled levels.

As a soccer coach for the school, Jared led the team to its first league championship in seven years. His team is known for effort, attitude, and integrity on and off the field, because he not only preaches these principles, but lives by them. Whether teaching, coaching, parenting, playing sports, or playing board games, he always gives his all. The beach, the ocean, and camping are his places of respite where he recharges and enjoys being at peace with nature.

-About Lukas-
Lukas (7) is happy when he is outside: swimming, boogie boarding, horseback riding, hiking, and biking are just a few of his favorite pasttimes. He loves learning, especially about bugs, other countries, and sciences experiments. As a family, we love to travel, go camping, and spend time together at the beach or the pool. He loves to help other people! We have a neighbor with muscular dystrophy and sometimes she’ll call us when she has a hard time getting a necklace untangled, something unpacked, or something organized. Lukas asks to go with every time, and happily greets and chats with this kind woman while we help. We are so impressed by this strong, sweet, tender-hearted young boy. We cannot tell you how fortunate we feel to have our son Lukas through the courage of his birth mom who chose to place him with us. Having an open adoption has helped both us and his birth mom to continue building our relationship through visits, photos, and letters. We are grateful and excited to be adoptive parents again.
Since we are not able to have children of our own, we are grateful and excited to be adoptive parents.

Since we are not able to have children of our own, we are grateful and excited to be adoptive parents.

Our Adoption Story

When Lukas’ birth mother contacted us the first time, we spent lots of time getting to know her and her situation through emails. She said later that when she saw our picture she felt like she knew us. When she requested to meet us in person we were thrilled, and drove twelve hours down to San Diego, where she was staying with her sister.

Lukas takes comfort in knowing where he came from, and who his birthparents are.

Although everyone was nervous, everyone’s jitters settled quickly and we spent a really easy going day together. A few weeks later she sent us a package to let us know in her own way that she’d chosen us to parent her child, and that the baby would be born in just a couple more months.

When that day of arrival came, she called us and we began the drive down to San Diego from Sacramento again, with our hearts prepared for anything. At her request, we visited her in the hospital for a little while each day where we could check on her health, her needs, and see her beautiful baby boy. When placement day came a few days later, we were all pretty emotional. We were grateful that she had the support of a loving family and we feel deep gratitude for her and her precious gift. We exchanged some texts from her on the long drive back up to Sacramento and communicated a lot during those first few weeks/months.

She came to visit a couple of times that first year, and we have continued contact through emails, pictures, our family blog, etc. We actually just got together again recently with lots of her family members and her newest daughter, and it was really sweet to see the healing and love built up with time and effort.

Lukas is now 7 years old and takes comfort in knowing where he came from and who his birth parents are. He is such a happy, loving, and kind boy. Just this week he got up early, woke Jessica up, and said, “Mom, get dressed! I’m taking you to breakfast- my treat!” Once she was over her surprise and up and going, they walked down to a little cafe around the corner and had breakfast, which he paid for from his bottle-collecting money. The little gentleman even opened the doors and pulled out the chair. He wishes for nothing more than to have a brother or a sister. He dotes over babies at parks, at church, in the grocery store...We are extremely excited to become adoptive parents again, to see Lukas as a big brother, and to experience the joy of welcoming a baby into our family.

You must be a courageous person to consider adoption, and to go through all these profiles to find the right fit. People say “things happen for a reason,” and we believe in you that you will find out what that means for you. May you be guided in your decision making, and find comfort in knowing that you are doing the right thing for you and your baby.

With love,

Jared, Jessica & Lukas Loehrmann

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If you'd like to get to know this wonderful family better, please reach out to their adoption professional,, by clicking on the orange contact button at the top of this page!
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