• 3 Fun loving
  • 2 Outdoorsy
  • 3 Kind and Caring
  • 3 Affectionate and Loving parents
  • 3 Honest
  • 3 Reliable and responsible
  • 2 Sense of Humor
  • 1 Adventurous
  • 1 Love to travel

"My brother Jared has been an example to me for as long as I can remember. He works diligently and with all his heart. As my older brother and as a youth leader he took over responsibilities to look after others and care for the younger. He has a strong sense of justice and a strong character. Jared and Jessica are loving parents, who care for their son and raise him with high moral standards and teach him to make good decisions and take over responsibility for his actions. As they are both teachers, they have pedagogical skills and patience for others. Through their activity in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints they are valuable members of society with the will to help and support their neighbors and community. Jessica and Jared are smart, well educated and diligent people. They will love, protect and care for their new baby as well as they are doing with their first adopted son. If you choose to entrust your newborn to my brother and sister-in-law you are making a wise decision with will ensure that the baby will be happy and loved."

Steffen Loehrmann ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Outdoorsy, Kind And Caring, Affectionate And Loving Parents, Honest, Reliable And Responsible, Sense Of Humor

"Jared and Jessica are two of the finest people I have ever known. They are loving, caring parents who are attentive and patient. My wife and I have known them for several years, and we have interacted with them on many levels. Not only are they smart, fun-loving, intelligent people, but they have a philosophy that family comes first. Their #1 priority in life is to develop a strong family that only comes from love, gentleness, patience and understanding. They are model parents who exemplify the finest qualities a mother and father can possess. "

Steve Roah ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Kind And Caring, Affectionate And Loving Parents, Honest, Reliable And Responsible, Sense Of Humor

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