Meet grandma and papa

May 07, 2017

Jackson absolutely adores his grandma and papa. He spends a lot of time with them and so will yours 

Ice cream with dad

May 07, 2017

We are big ice cream lovers

T-ball in full swing

May 06, 2017

Jackson in his t-ball uniform.  Nothing cuter than watching 4 year olds play baseball. When the ball gets hit the entire team all runs after the 1 ball and fights over who gets it. Lol. Very entertaining to watch. 

The trio

May 06, 2017

Our little family who is more than excited to open our home to a child. 

BB gun shenanigans

May 06, 2017

Jackson and joe shooting the B.B. Gun and teaching him about safety. These two love going out back and spending time with each other doing things like this. 


May 06, 2017

Preschool field trip to the ball park 

Take me to the ball park

May 06, 2017

jacksons preschool had another field trip to our local baseball park. We loved getting to walk around and seeing all the cool behind the scene things . 

Jackson school program

May 06, 2017

Jackson had another school program tonight. He was upfront and center singing (more like shouting) away to his songs. 

Happy Easter

Apr 18, 2017

Went to church and helped out in the nursery this morning. Got to spend a little extra time with my little man. 

Doctor Jackson

Apr 10, 2017

Went and visited a local kids museum the other morning.  We learned all about being healthy and how to take care of our bodies. Jackson loved playing doctor. So much that I went a bought him his very own set to play at home. 

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