"Having watched Joe and Tara raise and train their son Jackson and interact with so many young children in our church these past years, I believe them to be exactly who and what a child in search of adoptive parents deserves."

Art Price ENDORSED | Loving, Fun, Loyal, Family Oriented, Hard Workers

"I am hoping very soon that Joe and Tara will be able to enlarge their family. I have know them and spent time with them for over 5 years and have seen them raise their son with the utmost love and caring. They have yearned for another child for many years and I am certain that they would cherish your sweet baby. They are the youth leaders at our church and their love is apparent and they are loved back by these kids. These kids look up to Joe and Tara for all they do and they know the dedication they provide. In addition to the love they can give they have the support of family and the church in whole. "

Joydeen Smith ENDORSED | Loving, Fun, Loyal, Family Oriented, Hard Workers

"Tara and Joe are a fun loving couple and wonderful parents to a cute little boy. They are also youth leaders at our church, which includes one of our children. They spend a lot of time investing in children and teens and would provide a safe, nurturing and loving home to a child. "

Marcia Burns ENDORSED | Loving, Fun, Loyal, Family Oriented, Hard Workers

"My name is Beverly Richardson and I am the mother of Tara Powell and mother in-law of Joseph Powell. We are a very close family and we do a lot together. Tara, the youngest of my two daughters, spends a lot of time with us (her mother and father), as well as with her sister and her family. She also spends time with her extended family and their children. She is a very loving, conscientious mother. She is very attentive to her son and spends her days playing trucks, games, doing art crafts, and reading with her son, and of course a day filled with hugs and "I love yous". She feels it is important to have a rounded life with experiences outside of the home with her son with summer walks, bike rides, swimming lessons, gymnastics, camp fires, and most importantly family time. Tara is very attentive to her beautiful home and yard and has created a peaceful, fun environment for her son and family. Tara is very creative and makes every birthday and holiday extra special. Joe is very easy going, but a very hard working man. He provides well for his family. He comes from a large, close family with 3 brothers and a sister, and has several nieces and nephews for Jackson to play with. Joe is a Godly man, and prides his life on such. Joe is a great father and spends quality time with his son from working on home projects together, to playing games with his son. He will take Jackson in his big semi truck for rides, which Jackson just loves this special time with his father. Tara and Joe are A God loving couple. They share the responsibility of leaders of their churches youth group, which includes weekly meetings, along with monthly activities. They have seen the youth group grow into something special where the kids have asked to meet weekly instead of bi-weekly. They would be such a blessing to a little child as so would the child be a blessing to them. I am very excited on what lies ahead for them and for your child."

"I wholeheartedly recommend Tara and Joe Powell to adopt a child. My sister and I are one and a half years apart, and I can say that she is a great mother to her child and Aunt to my three children. My sister is always looking for the healthiest and safest way to do things for her family; weather it's cleaning, choosing what to have for dinner, or trying to keep the family from getting sick. She is kind and is always helping out her church and spending time with her family.She is always trying fun things to do with her son like going to the park or the zoo. She has watched my children many times and I always know they are in safe hands when they are with her! Joe and my husband are friends and I have known him for 12 years. He is an honest and trustworthy guy who always works hard to support his family. I love how he is so kind and would give you the shirt off his back to help someone out. He is always playing with his son and with my kids when we come over to visit. Sincerely, Erica Parmelee They are both great parents and I don't know better people than them to adopt a child."

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