Spending Time at the Cabin

Mar 30, 2020

We are currently staying full time at the cabin since the preschool has closed and we are both working remotely. The cabin and surrounding property gives us lots of space to play, explore, and learn. We are able to all have breakfast together before spending the first part of each morning doing a nature walk exploring the streams and looking for native plants as they start to emerge from the ground. After our walk, one of us works for a bit while the other begins arts and crafts time. This is followed by an exciting board game session with Daddy Josh (current favorites are Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, and Hungry, Hungry, Hippos). We then all have lunch together before nap time. Following nap time, there is another chance to get some exercise outside with a short hike or a visit to the river to explore and throw rocks. We then come back to the cabin and have free play time with our blocks, dolls, and stuffed animals. After 5:00, Daddy Matt starts dinner preparations with the help of his little sous-chef. We finish out the day with dinner, bath time, and reading (our current favorites are any books about dinosaurs and volcanoes). 

A family vacation to remember!

Feb 25, 2020

Last month, we decided to escape winter by taking a family vacation to the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico for a week.  After only a three and a half hour direct flight from DC to Cancun, we then drove south to a beautiful resort in a tropical mangrove forest nestled along the beaches of the Caribbean Sea.  We had so much fun!  Our days were spent running back and forth with Maggie from the swimming pools to the ocean, while evenings allowed us to sample some tasty dishes made with fresh local ingredients.  Maggie had a wonderful time splashing around in the pool with us and drinking out of coconuts.  She also made friends with many of the other little boys and girls who happened to be staying at the resort as well.  We love to travel and feel that it’s important to provide opportunities for our children to see the world and experience new cultures.  But most of all, we want to do it together as a family.  It was a lovely for us to have this time together as a family doing what we love the most - spending time laughing and having fun together.  We look forward to many more trips like this in the future, hopefully someday soon as a family of four. 

Weekend in the Country

Feb 23, 2020

We just returned from a weekend at our cabin in the mountains.  The cabin is about an hour and a half outside of Washington, DC, but it's a world away.  The number of cows in the county outnumbers the number of people!  The cabin is the perfect place to get away from the city and give our family time to hike, watch for wildlife, garden, and explore the outdoors.  We saw only a few deer and squirrels this weekend, but the sightings will definitely increase as we move towards spring. 

We spent much of our time outside climbing on rocks (one of our daughter's favorite activities), playing on the tree swing, and hunting for icicles in the stream running through the property.  We went into town on Friday to have dinner at the local pizza restaurant and get provisions for the rest of the weekend.  We're looking forward to warmer weather so that we can hike to the top of the mountain behind the cabin.        



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