Dear Parent-to-Be,

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We are so excited to give your child the same kind of supportive and loving childhood that we were both so lucky to have ourselves. We can't wait to share our home and lives, dedicated to your child growing up feeling safe and cared about, with a wonderful education and a positive self-image. We have extended families of cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents, who are eager to welcome your child into our family, especially our joyous holiday celebrations.

We are so excited to give your child the same kind of supportive and loving childhood that we were both so lucky to have

We promise a welcoming home with a lifetime of love, where your child will always know they come first. We will always listen to your child's needs, support their dreams, teach them everything we can, and learn from them too.
We believe in taking time to laugh and celebrate all of the things we have to be grateful for.

We know this is a major decision, and we take on this responsibility of parenting your child as an honor.
We love reading!

We love reading!

Our Values

These are the values that we hope to pass along to your child:

- Family Comes First. We take every opportunity to thank our parents for all they have done for us and for their beautiful examples of a long and happy marriage. We love spending holidays and vacations with parents, siblings, and cousins, and proudly watching our niece and nephews grow up.

Family comes first

We are so grateful for the wonderful supportive, fun people in our lives.

- Read Every Day for Fun. We both grew up in homes full of cherished books. Kim's favorites were Dr Seuss, A Light in the Attic, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Mark always loved Beverly Cleary, Calvin & Hobbes comics, and Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries. And we have a complete set of Harry Potter hardcovers that we can't wait to re-read as a family.

- Treat Others As You'd Like to Be Treated. We hope to spend time volunteering as part of teaching empathy and being considerate and kind to others.

- Never Stop Learning. We both enjoyed school and want to pass along the joy of learning new things, whether it's a fun song to remember all 50 states, planting a new kind of vegetable in our garden, or going to see exotic animals at the Bronx Zoo.

- Leave Everything a Little Better Than You Found It. We hope to show an example of taking good care of the people and animals we love, our home, and the Earth.

- Laughter Really is the Best Medicine. When things get hectic, we make sure to stop and watch a funny cat or dog video or a Pixar movie, or dance around the house like no one is watching.
We love to make each other laugh.

We love to make each other laugh.

More About Us

We were lucky enough to meet at work through our company's softball team. We found we loved all the same things and soon were going on dates to concerts and trivia nights. The first time Kim met Mark's parents, she thanked them for raising such a good man.

The first time Kim met Mark's parents, she thanked them for raising such a good man.

Mark proposed on the exact spot of our first date in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, with Kim's grandmother's beautiful family heirloom rings.
We were married in August of 2014 on a beautiful day in the Hudson Valley area of New York, surrounded by family and friends.

We live in a family-friendly suburban community outside New York City with so many playgrounds, we wonder which will be your child's favorite. We have good local schools and an especially excellent high school, very active sports programs, and a highly involved police department - our police chief even posts on social media. There are village fairs, outdoor movies, and special concerts by the waterfront - with food trucks and Mister Softee, Kim's favorite. We get the best of both worlds, with a small town feel, but in reach of the big city.
No place like home

No place like home

Thank you for considering us

We hope to hear from you!

Please call or text us anytime toll-free at (888) 717-3131 or
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To find out more about us and the adoption process, you can also speak with our adoption attorneys, Nina Rumbold and Denise Seidelman.
They can be reached toll-free at (888) 962-3001