"I have known Mark for nearly 30 years. During these almost three decades, I have shared a close friendship with Mark and know him to be a hard-working, intelligent person whose good-natured personality endears him to those who meet him. Mark was my roommate and then neighbor for eleven years, and he was exceedingly easy to live with due to his consideration for others and his abilities to accommodate and compromise with those he cares about. He has always been friendly and welcoming towards my wife and she has only wonderful things to say about him as well. Similarly, I have also become good friends with his wife Kim, whom I admire for her generosity, her humor, and most importantly the way she and Mark bring out the best in each other. I have seen the close relationships that Mark and Kim have with their own parents, so it is evident how Mark and Kim have grown into such warm, caring people; it is also easy to see them someday raising their children with the same compassion and warmth. As a parent of two young children myself, I have no doubt that Mark and Kim would exhibit the same patience, responsibility and love to their children that they already show towards their family, friends, pets and home. "

"I have known Kim for 25 years, since we met and became best friends in 8th grade. Since we were kids, Kim has always been the person I would call if I needed something done, and done right. I was so happy when she found Mark—just like her, he is kind, warm, smart, and fun. They have created a welcoming and loving home that everyone loves to visit, filled with food and music and games. Both Kim and Mark are so wonderful and natural when playing with and talking to the children of their friends. I can’t think of a better role for them than as parents."

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