Dear Expectant Parents

Just the four of us...
Hi! We would like to thank you for looking at our family and getting to know us. This must be a very hard decision for you. We will be praying for you during this time, and should you choose us to parent your child you will be in our hearts and prayers forever.

After watching our children's birth mothers we've seen all the love and great care they put into making an adoption plan.

We love you just as we love our children's birthparents... so much. Our children have been told their stories ever since they were born, so their adoptions are very positive. We will lovingly do the same with our next child as well.
We hope you can feel that we are beyond excited to welcome a new little one into our family! We would like to walk with you through the process. We enjoy contact with our children's birthparents and enjoy sharing pictures, stories, and meeting for visits. Our families and friends are enthused as well for us to be given the precious gift of a baby.
We admire your courage and the selfless decision you are making. Cherith's birthmom says "If I loved her any less I would have kept her." That takes incredible strength. If you should choose us to parent your child we will forever be blessed and will offer them a home with love, the joy of family, good memories, and lots of bedtime stories :) (quality time)!
Love, Clark & Kristin
Visiting the farm where we buy fresh milk and cheese

Visiting the farm where we buy fresh milk and cheese

About Us

After being friends in the same church youth group we were married on a beautiful day in June. It was a happy day surrounded with lots of friends and family! Almost 9 years later we look back to that day and realize that our love has grown so much. We are committed to each other for life just as our parents' great example has taught us.
Being best friends we love to do many things together such as going to local parks and lakes with the kids, dining out, taking road trips, playing tennis and riding bike
Our children, Cherith and Jamin joined us at their births through adoption. It is so much fun to watch their eyes light up as they discover the world around them! It's the simple things we enjoy together with the children: ice cream together, running outside, going to the park or zoo, and being with family and friends.
Mexican anyone? (our favorite) Can you tell that Jamin hates having his picture taken:)

Mexican anyone? (our favorite) Can you tell that Jamin hates having his picture taken:)

What are we like?

Kristin is an amazing wife and mother! She loves to take care of our children and has a special sense of their needs. Kristin has always had an interest in adoption and has spent time studying about it and trying to understand it from a child's perspective. She is a stay-at-home mom (and wouldn't have it any other way) and enjoys watching them as they learn each new thing.

Our children feel like miracles to us every day!

A perfect day for Kristin would be: working outside in our garden/yard, playing outside with the kids, shopping or sewing with friends, and watching the sun set over Lake MI with her family. Her love and faith in God is very important to her.
How do I describe Clark? He is the happiest person I know! His upbeat personality and kind ways make him a great husband and daddy. He loves to be a dad to Cherith and Jamin and as soon as he gets home you hear them running to the door saying, 'Hi Daddy'! Then they play together while I make supper. Clark is a farmer and has his dream job. It's so wonderful that the whole family can be involved in the work we do. A perfect day for Clark would be: working in the fields with his tractor, spending time with his family, and then in the evening meeting friends to fly his radio controlled airplanes and helicopters. A daily relationship with God is very important to him.
Cherith is our miracle #1. She was born in MI in 2013 weighing a tiny 2 lbs. 11oz. You would never know it now as this energetic 4 year old follows you around asking questions constantly :) She is a social bug and loves everyone! She is always wanting to have little friends over and now she prays for a baby. She will be a sweet big sister! We have an open adoption with Cherith's birth mom and love her so much!
And miracle #2 is Jamin, a sweet little boy with a winning smile. He was born in Arkansas and joined our family through open adoption in 2014. We are planning a trip to go see his birth family in AR this year! He brightens each day with his enthusiastic view on life. He absolutely loves farming and tractors and uses his little imagination to the fullest. His grandpas are some of his favorite people. He will be a great big brother!
Our Home

Our Home

Family, Faith, Home, and Thank-you

Our families are loving and very important to us! Kristin's family has 'pizza night' every Saturday and a tradition of going to Mackinac Island each summer. Clark's family also lives close by and you will often find us at the farm (where grandpa and grandma live) for the evening where we play tennis, swing in the barn, throw bean bags, or just sit and visit.

We are a Christian family where we teach the love of God, belong to a church 'family', and expect honesty, kindness, and respect.

Being a Mama and Daddy is one of the most important and rewarding experience we have ever experienced!

We believe our faith in God makes us better people and salvation through him assures us of a home in Heaven someday.

Our ranch style house is located in a quiet country farming community. We enjoy a huge backyard with a swing set, fire pit for those cozy campfires, and lots of room to run and play! Our small town is just down the road as is the Christian School our children will attend.

Thank-you for letting us share with you. You are an amazing person and we wish you much courage. We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have for us! Our prayers are with you now and we wish you comfort in the days ahead. Text us anytime 989-763-3781. Have a good day!
Clark, Kristin, Cherith, & Jamin
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