Some things that are daily life for us and our children

May 14, 2017

    • Start with a healthy breakfast (usually eggs of some kind) Sat. morn is when the pancakes come out :)

    • Sit down with the children and read a bible story and have a prayer together. 
    • Play outside on our swingset or in the little play house or on the bikes! 
    • We might visit the library, the park, or take great grandma out for lunch.
    • Play dollies, legos, or farm
    • Playdough is a favorite 
    • Settle kids fights ( that's my toy!) Right:)
    • Teach the children to take their dishes to the sink after a meal
    • We sing silly songs
    • Make sandwiches for lunch....or salad...or soup
    • Naptime is around 2:00. We always read stories 1st.
    • Do some preschool work with Cherith 
    • Do laundry  (yep, every day)
    • Sometimes we all ride with Clark in the tractor or to deliver parts to farmers.
    • Hugs...Kisses....Cuddles.... Laughs
    • Make a green smoothie...yum
    • Cook supper with at least 1 set of little hands 'helping'
    • Go visit grandpa's some evenings ( a highlight)
    • Eat supper together as a family...this is so important to us.
    • Of course ( as with all families) there are down days where the kids are tired or someone has a cold. Then we just make the best of it and look forward to a normal day :)
    • Have friends or family over
    • Bedtime is one on one time to read stories, talk about the day, hugs, teach a bedtime prayer and then we sing to the children.
    • Just thought you might like a peek into an ordinary day over here... Kristin


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