Ahhhh Summertime!

Aug 08, 2017

   Hi... here's hoping you are enjoying your summer as much as we are over here! We just got back from Lake Michigan and it was absolutely beautiful. We really like the Frankfort area and this time we stayed at a hotel on Crystal Lake. Last night we watched the sun set over the water there while the children played on the nice sandy beach. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Clark's parents stayed there with us and we enjoyed that. Today we rented a pontoon boat and got pizza and took it on our boat. The children LOVED every minute in the boat as did we all!!! We also went swimming again and explored the town of Frankfort.

   As far as normal life over (when not on vacation) here, we just finished wheat harvest. It is a very fun time and I (Kristin) enjoyed packing a field lunch and supper each day for us to eat in the tractor with Clark. Jamin is absolutely enthralled with the tractor and combine and wants to be in them every possible minute. Cherith and I enjoy a few rounds after supper then head to grandma's house to see what she has going on:) When wheat harvest is over we are kinda glad and kinda sad all at the same time, but just know soon it will be corn and soybean harvest (this fall).

   It sure is fun to harvest a few things out of our little garden. We have had lots of chard, spinach, and beet greens. The green beans are ready to pick and we've eaten a few cucumbers. We had jalepeno poppers the other night and oh they were yummy! The potatoes are looking promising as well.

   Saturday night our church is hosting a benefit for a neighborhood  adult foster care home. Clark and I are going to serve the salad bar part of the meal. Sounds like we will have a fun time.  I'm sure Cherith will enjoy helping because she is always ready to do anything that makes her feel grown up. She really likes to help people as well:)

   We have had a couple weddings this summer where family or friends have stayed at our house. This week our churh had a mission board meeting so we will be busy helping out with that. Have a good week!


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