What Is A Mother?

May 14, 2017

   Happy Mother's Day. Whether you are celebrating your own mom, or are a mother yourself, or are wondering just what path you should take with your little one now; we wish you peace. And... a beautiful day. So who is a mother? She is one who loves her children more than herself.

She put their needs first. She sings the same song 20 times in one day and reads that same favorite story every night for a month. "Mama read it again PLEASE :)"

She stays up all night with a sick child and in the morning she still loves them just as much even tho there might be barf in her hair and she is tired beyond words.

She is the one a little child comes to when something is wrong and she just need a kiss. She is the one who finds a small hand reaching up for hers while walking through the woods, or the park, or the store.

She answers many questions a day...Mama, why is the sky blue? Why do kitties fight? Why do people drive outside when it's time to be in bed? Why?

For our birthmothers it was letting go...Letting go of dreams and finding a different  plan. It was heartbreaking and yet a sense of an all knowing God who cares about everything never left. Cherith's birthmom told us...If I loved her any less I would keep her. Even if you make an adoption plan you will always be a mother. Hugs to you :)

Some things that are daily life for us and our children

May 14, 2017

    • Start with a healthy breakfast (usually eggs of some kind) Sat. morn is when the pancakes come out :)

    • Sit down with the children and read a bible story and have a prayer together. 
    • Play outside on our swingset or in the little play house or on the bikes! 
    • We might visit the library, the park, or take great grandma out for lunch.
    • Play dollies, legos, or farm
    • Playdough is a favorite 
    • Settle kids fights ( that's my toy!) Right:)
    • Teach the children to take their dishes to the sink after a meal
    • We sing silly songs
    • Make sandwiches for lunch....or salad...or soup
    • Naptime is around 2:00. We always read stories 1st.
    • Do some preschool work with Cherith 
    • Do laundry  (yep, every day)
    • Sometimes we all ride with Clark in the tractor or to deliver parts to farmers.
    • Hugs...Kisses....Cuddles.... Laughs
    • Make a green smoothie...yum
    • Cook supper with at least 1 set of little hands 'helping'
    • Go visit grandpa's some evenings ( a highlight)
    • Eat supper together as a family...this is so important to us.
    • Of course ( as with all families) there are down days where the kids are tired or someone has a cold. Then we just make the best of it and look forward to a normal day :)
    • Have friends or family over
    • Bedtime is one on one time to read stories, talk about the day, hugs, teach a bedtime prayer and then we sing to the children.
    • Just thought you might like a peek into an ordinary day over here... Kristin



May 04, 2017

   Isn't this just an awesome time of the year? Here in Michigan it's just been spring for a few weeks with those chilly nights still hanging on. We are farmers so it's exciting to get ready to plant those crops and start a new year. However it keeps raining, so much as Clark would like to get started, we just have to wait until the ground gets dried off. The children are loving playing outside and delight in getting as muddy as possible out there (I on the other hand will be glad when the mud isn't so prevalent as they need a bath every time they come in:) They don't seem to mind because they love baths, too. Our ducks also love the rain. We are excited to get our profile up and running here so talk to you later....

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