"Liz and Andy are amazing parents. I have been lucky to see them from the first baby shower and through all the adorable baby and toddler parenting stages as Maya has grown into the awesome little girl she is today! Liz and Andy are great partners to each other and set a great model for Maya to listen to, care for, and have fun with the ones you love."

"It has been a joy to be part of Liz and Andy's journey as parents. We've been friends with them since before their adopted daughter arrived and during that time we've gotten to know them as a warm and loving individuals who are engaged in a myriad of ways with the world around them - who are always up for a new adventure, for growing and learning and helping to make the world a better place. As parents Liz and Andy have been absolutely incredible; we threw them a baby shower when their daughter first arrived and it was an honor to be part of introducing her into their community of friends. They are both incredibly patient and supportive and watching them shepherd their child's first few years has been a pleasure. They are also incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable about parenting (Liz's talents as a teacher come through and help enhance her gifts as a mother!) and have done a wonderful job of raising a curious, competent and brave little lady. We are so excited that they are ready to grow their loving family circle and offer our warmest wishes, support and recommendation as they take this next step on their family journey. "

"Elizabeth and Andy are wonderful parents who can't wait to add to their happy family. And my husband and I can't wait to have a new niece or nephew!"

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