Dear Friend,

Christians. Adventurers. Nerds.
We are so thankful for your taking the time to consider us. We realize that while for us this is exciting, for you it is difficult. We wanted to take this time to let you know that the enormity of your decision is not lost on us.

Your name will forever be written on our hearts

Your decision must be one of the hardest you have and will ever have to make. To us YOU ARE the hero of this story and your name will forever be written on our hearts.

We appreciate your giving us a chance to be a family. Now sit back, relax and enjoy while we take you on a journey through the adventure that is our life.
Just two goofballs in uniform

Just two goofballs in uniform

We love God and love life

We both grew up in the North East, Luke in NJ and Katie in NH. We met in 2004 at college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a small engineering school in Massachusetts. We were neighbors for a year in the upperclassmen dorms and both members of Air Force ROTC.

our child will have tons of 'Aunts' and 'Uncles' loving on them!

Katie liked Luke from the beginning but Luke was completely oblivious and very focused on school. So she spent over a year flirting with him by sneak attacking him around campus with water balloons and snow balls (isn't that how all girls flirt?). Well, thankfully, it worked on Luke. He saw a kindred, adventurous spirit and we started dating in 2006. Most of our relationship was long distance, as shortly after we started dating, Luke graduated and went to his first duty station in Utah. Two years later, after Katie graduated with her Master's Degree we were able to get stationed together. Shortly after in October of 2008 we were married and began a life of adventures.

We spent two years in Utah before getting stationed overseas in Turkey. While there we were able to travel to Germany, Ireland, France, Switzerland and England. Switzerland was our favorite, it is basically a winter wonderland playground! Katie served four years on active duty and at the end of our time in Turkey decided to leave active duty. At the time Luke got selected to become a navigator in the Air Force and we decided it was best for our family for her to get out and follow Luke's career. While in Turkey we did a year apart with each of us deploying and we were tired of being apart. She still serves as a reservist and now loves working a low stress job at the City of Boise as a fire code plans examiner/inspector. What followed Turkey were two years of intense training for Luke and moves to Florida and then North Carolina. Luke is now fully trained to be the WSO (fancy term for "guy in the back") of the F-15E Strike Eagle. We are now living in Boise Idaho and enjoying all the outdoor activities it offers.

While we are always up for adventure, our normal day to day is more low key and involve us spending time in our hobbies. Katie's hobbies are cooking, reading, making puzzles and taking photos. Some of her favorite books are The Art of Racing in the Rain, Pride and Prejudice and the Harry Potter series. Luke's hobbies are playing hockey, he is in a pick up league and Katie loves going to cheer him on. He also likes barbecuing (especially if it involves his smoker grill) and working on the cars.

Being a military family has it challenges. While we have been able to live and travel to some amazing places, there has also been a lot of stress that comes with it. It is definitely a roller coaster type ride of ups and downs. When the lows come we lean on our faith and our military family. No matter where the Air Force takes us, we know there are friends and a community waiting to embrace us and join in our adventure. The friends we have made through the Air Force are the most caring, thoughtful and inspiring people we have ever met. Friends who at a moments notice will drop everything to run and be by your side. They are our extended family and our child will have tons of 'Aunts' and 'Uncles' loving on them!
After our most recent 5K. We used to be big into running now we just do the occasional fun run.

After our most recent 5K. We used to be big into running now we just do the occasional fun run.

Our Journey

We always said we were on a five year plan for starting a family. Our relationship started out long distance so we really wanted to take the time to build a solid relationship and enjoy each others company. We figured whenever we wanted to get pregnant we would be able to.

God's plans are greater and better

But that wasn't the case for us, after trying for three years we finally got pregnant in summer of 2015 but it ended at twelve weeks with a miscarriage.

We were devastated and discouraged. It wasn't supposed to be this hard. Due to the type of miscarriage, we had to wait seven months before we could even think to try again. During this time we prayed a lot and felt God was leading us to adoption. We have always talked about adopting but thought after we had one or two and were 'experienced parents'. One thing we have learned is that our plans never match God's plans and His are greater and better. From the moment we decided to take this path, we have been praying for our baby and for you. We are excited to meet you!
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

Level of Openness

We firmly believe the more people loving a child the better. We want our child knowing and embracing their story and you play an important role. We would love to develop a relationship with you that includes updates and occasional visits. With our lifestyle this will not always be easy but technology makes it easier and deployments have pretty much made us facetime/skype pros. We would love to be able to consider you family but also are understanding if you prefer differently. We are open to discuss and work out a type of relationship that fits us all.
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