Maria and Christoph
Christoph is from Germany and Maria is from Ecuador. We have brought our two cultures to the home and to the life we share. In many ways, you could say that we are very different from each other.

"We share the same values: compassion, generosity and togetherness."

Maria likes to teach yoga and meditate and could spend hours looking at the ocean. Christoph likes to run and bike, loves to read books and discover why things are the way that they are.

Yet, we share the same values: compassion, generosity and togetherness.

Your baby will be cherished not only by us, but by our family and friends, who are as excited as we are, to also welcome him/her into their lives.

We hope this little glimpse into our lives will show you how much love we have to offer as parents, and how rich your child's life will be as part of our family. We would be deeply honored to be chosen to raise your baby.


What I Love About Christoph...

Christoph is a sweet and caring man. He loves to read, as well as to think about, and discuss why things are the way they are in our world today. He also likes to go for a run in the neighborhood and trains to do a second marathon in the near future.

"I'm looking forward to seeing Christoph play with your child, digging holes and building castles in the sand, or building a campfire together."

He enjoys riding his bike to work and he looks forward to taking your child to day care on his bike. Christoph likes German and Argentinian punk music, and is now learning to play the drums.

I'm excited to see Christoph read bed time stories to your child and sing to her/him songs that he grew up with when he was a child. We love camping and going to the beach during the summer. I'm looking forward to seeing Christoph play with your child, digging holes and building castles in the sand, or building a campfire together.


I Love Maria Because...

I enjoy talking to her, and learning about her perspectives. I feel very close to her and I'm still excited that through her I got to know Latin America, its people, culture, traditions and foods. For me our love is defined by the joy of each other's company, our closeness, and togetherness, going for long walks on the weekends, having good conversations, sharing meals and feeling safe together.

"It makes me very happy when I imagine Maria as a mom."

It makes me very happy when I imagine Maria as a mom. She is a very caring person, with a lot of love in her heart and always being there for others. She is very patient especially with kids. When we have a party in our home she makes sure that the children of our friends, are as well entertained as the adults. She also has the patience to explain things to kids and involve them in little tasks in the kitchen. It is fun to watch.
Thank You

Thank You

Thank You - Gracias - Danke

We promise to shower your child with love. We want to provide a stable and loving environment where he or she can feel safe to be their beautiful selves.

We would honor their adoption story and their birth family by talking about it openly, celebrating not only birthdays but also adoption anniversaries.

"We want to be as supportive as we can with your decision."

We want to provide a solid education for your child and encourage them to explore their interests and dreams.
We would like to raise your child with the two cultures that we have at home.
We would love that your child is surrounded by the Spanish and German languages and by the food and traditions of our two countries. We would also like to celebrate your child’s birth culture and integrate it into our daily lives.

Please know that if you choose us as parents for your child, we will love, cherish, and nurture your baby. We hope that your decision brings you peace and comfort. Thank you for reading our profile and for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child.
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