Dear expectant parent/parents

Adoption day. What an incredibly emotional, but beautiful day!
Dear Expectant Parent(s), we admire your consideration of adoption as an option for your child. What an impossibly difficult decision this must be. We have been fortunate to adopt our daughter. We have an open adoption with our daughter’s Birth Family, and have had the opportunity to get a glimpse into what Birth Parents go through. Our hearts go out to you. We appreciate your courage and selflessness for considering what is best for your child.

We have been happily married for over 18 years. We tried to conceive unsuccessfully for 9 years before we were able to adopt our daughter. We will never forget the moment when her birth mom placed her in our arms. We thought our hearts were going to burst. We were so overjoyed that we were finally parents. We brought her home when she was 2 days old. We have a special relationship with our daughters birth mom and enjoy having an open adoption with her. Our daughter has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives.

We have been doing foster care for 3 years in hopes of adopting another child. We have had a few short term placements but none of them have been available to adopt. We loved having those children in our home. All though they were only with us a short time, they will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Our 6 yr. old daughter has also loved having these children in our home. It was very hard for her to say goodbye to them.

She is ready to have a Forever brother or sister to love and to spend play time with, (mom and dad just aren’t as fun). We are anxiously waiting to build onto our little family. We both share an unconditional love of children. We have a lot of love to give. We would be overjoyed to be blessed with more children. We know that blessing would not come without an immense sacrifice from Expectant Parents. We do not take that for granted. If you choose us to be your child’s adoptive parents we think it is crucial to share their adoption story with them from the very beginning. We will honor your sacrifice by always telling your child that you love them and helping them understand what a special person you are to our family. We will make sure they know they are loved and that they are the center of our world. We will try to provide a good education for them and help them follow their dreams, whatever they may be.
This is a photo of us at the airport when I proposed to Annica.

This is a photo of us at the airport when I proposed to Annica.

Our Story

From Mike’s Perspective
I was born and raised in Kentucky. Annica was born and raised in Utah. I had moved to Utah with some friends. We lived in the same apartment complex and went to the same Latter Day Saints' church. We began dating and there was an immediate connection. We dated for about a year.

One evening we were sitting outside having a casual conversation and I felt moved to ask Annica to marry me. I was unprepared and had no ring. She was disappointed about the way in which I proposed and she didn’t say yes, it was more of maybe try again later. I think she was expecting something a little more romantic and thought out. Not my finest hour!

About a month later Annica was in Europe for a clogging tour. So while she was gone I worked extra hours in order to buy her a ring. The ring was the one she had had her eye on. When Annica returned, the airport was filled with the friends and families of those she had traveled with. When Annica got off the plane, I stood up on a chair and got the attention of everyone around me. I said, “Annica didn’t think my first proposal was romantic enough, so Annica will you please come here?” As she walked over the crowd responded with oohs and aahs. I got down on my knee and said, “Annica I love you with all of my heart, will you make me happy and be my wife?” She said yes and the crowd went wild.

I want to tell you about Annica. When I first met Annica, I thought she was attractive and had a wonderful smile. As I got to know her I found her to be passionate, caring, and honest. She had innocence about her that I fell in love with. After we got married I learned she loves to cook. Since I love to eat, it was a match made in heaven.

She loves to please people and make them feel special. She is a hardworking stay at home Mom. She is also a part time Zumba instructor. She has a pure love and passion for all types of dance. Annica loves to be creative. She loves to sew, draw, paint, and scrapbook. She is a mother above all. She sacrifices her time to insure that our daughter learns and grows into a kind and caring young woman. I love her with all of my heart and would give anything to make her happy.
Mike and I love being silly together!

Mike and I love being silly together!

Our Story

From Annica’s Perspective
I would like to tell you about Mike. I met Mike for the first time when he took my roommate out on a date. I thought he was charming and very handsome. When we began dating I was wrapped up in the idea of going on a Latter Day Saints' Mission and wasn’t really interested in dating.

Mike took me on our first date to Hogi Yogi. I immediately realized what an interesting character Mike was. We loved to talk to each other for hours and I soon realized that my dream of going on a mission should be put on hold, and that I should marry Mike.

He is one of the most compassionate people I know. Serving other people brings him joy. Mike has a very big heart and a pure love of children. Mike is a hard worker and has always been a wonderful provider for our family. Mike is a general manager for a travel center. Mike is a determined and driven person. He has worked hard to move up in his company and he is well liked by all he works with.

Mike’s friends would say that he is kind, funny, responsible, and most would say he is a walking dictionary. He has a love of trivia. He loves to learn and is a bit of a perfectionist. Mike is an amazing father and husband. He absolutely cherishes our daughter. He always makes time to play games with her and take her on daddy-daughter dates.

Mike and I have different personalities, but are unified in what we consider crucial in order to be successful parents. We think it is important to:
-Teach a child from infancy that they are literally a child of God, that he is their Father in Heaven, and that he loves them, and knows them by name. Teach them how to pray and talk to him.
-Be consistent in discipline; try to use time in’s and when necessary time outs or grounding items. We try to use positive reinforcement like sticker/reward charts.
-We think it is so important to read scriptures and pray together every night as a family.
-We love to read bedtime stories to our daughter and snuggle with her in her bed until she falls asleep. We try to spend one on one time with her every day.
-We think it so important for everyone to have something that they feel they are good at. We want to be able to provide our children with opportunities to try new things, like dance, sports, music, art, etc. in order to find that something that they love and excel in.
-We want to be at the dance recitals, basketball games, or science fairs. Whether they are the prima ballerina, the one who sits on the ground and cries, whether they make the winning basket or never leave the bench, we will be proud of them, whatever they do.
Our 6 yr old daughter would love to have a forever sibling!

Our 6 yr old daughter would love to have a forever sibling!

Our commitment

It is difficult to put into words how much it would mean to us to be able to add another child to our family. But please know this, our commitment to you is that if you entrust us with your child we will protect them, care for them, and love them as our own.
We have made a commitment to each other for Annica to stay at home and be a full time mom.
If you choose us as adoptive parents we feel an open adoption is important for your child and we would fully support it if that is your desire as well. We will honor your wishes whatever you choose.

If you feel like we could be the right family for your child, please reach out to us so that we can get to know each other better. To contact us, click on the orange contact box above.
We look forward to hearing from you!

(A Note From Parent Profiles)
If you'd like to get to know this wonderful family better, please reach out to their adoption professional,, by clicking on the orange contact button at the top of this page!