Dear Expectant Parents,

Our Family
We would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We are Aaron and Misty. Our fun, happy, loving family is ready to l cherish your baby forever, as well as take care of their every need. We will teach your baby unconditional love, hard work, responsibility, and honesty, so that they will be prepared for college and life. We hope that you, as well as your baby, will have a great future with our loving, fun, family. We are excited and humbled to welcome a new member to our family. We are praying for you and the baby.
Misty and Aaron

Misty and Aaron

About Us

About Aaron

I was born in Blackfoot, Idaho and raised in Howe, Idaho. Growing up, I was close with both my parents, especially my mom. Some of my favorite memories are of us talking for hours on end. My dad was a hard worker and I like to think I got my strong work ethic from him. Although my dad worked hard, he always made time to spend with our family. On New Year’s Eve we always had a party and the day after Thanksgiving we would go chop down a Christmas tree together. I attended Ricks college where I got my Associates Degree in Crop and Farm Management and am currently self employed as a farmer. I love what I do and feel very blessed to be able to spend time with my children.

About Misty

I was born in Rexburg, Idaho in 1975. Growing up I lived on farmland and had the opportunity to take care of horses and dogs. When I was a child, my dad was a truck driver, so I was able to go with him on some of his trips and see different regions of the country. I have two other siblings, that both still live in Idaho and we are a close-knit group. After I graduated high school, I was diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary gland that needed surgery to remove it. At the time the doctors thought I wouldn’t be able to have children of my own. Yet, a few years after marrying Aaron, we were blessed to be able to conceive four children of our own.

About Us

Aaron and Misty’s love story began at a dance club in Rexburg, Idaho. Aaron came over and asked Misty to dance. The second thing he asked her after her name was, “Do you like bikes?” She said “yes”, but come to find out he meant motorcycles. Thank goodness Misty said yes or otherwise he probably would have never asked for her phone number. On New Year’s Eve we went to a dance. Before we went to the dance we were talking. Misty was trying to get a commitment out of Aaron to go steady because there were other girls calling. Misty told him, “I hope you don’t think I am pressuring you into the marriage thing.” Aaron wanted to propose that night, but did not have a plan. So when Misty asked Aaron this he said, “so when do you want to go shopping for a ring?” Aaron proposed on New Year’s Eve in 1997. It was the perfect way to ring in the new year! We were married in the Idaho Falls, Idaho LDS Temple, May 22nd of 1998.

We live in Howe, Idaho. It is a small close knit community of about 400 people. We have beautiful mountains that surround us, along with wildlife that come down into the valley. We get to enjoy beautiful sunsets in summer and fall. On the fourth of July our community has a little parade, dinner, and fireworks. We farm about 1550 acres of hay and wheat as a family. We love what we do and feel very blessed that we can work together as a family. We work long hours, value hard honest work, and still show love for one another throughout the challenges of the day. We are very family oriented. Our parents from both sides live close by, so we have family get-togethers often. Family is very important to all of us and we would be happy to welcome your new little baby into our family to care for, cherish, and love always and forever. We would love to send you pictures and letters to keep you updated if that is what you would like.
Sierra, Logan, Mckenzie, and Dillan

Sierra, Logan, Mckenzie, and Dillan

Our Children

We have four of our own biological children. Sierra (age 20), Logan (age 17), McKenzie (age 14), and Dillan (age 11). We adopted one child in June of 2016 who is Brody (age 2). We have always been open to adoption since we got married, but since our first child was born, Misty’s pregnancies were really hard. Our children are open and excited about the possibility of having another sibling through adoption!

Sierra just finished up her second year in college. She plans on getting her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. She has been a straight A student all the way through high school and into college. She has coached her sister’s volleyball team while going to college and has played some volleyball at BYU-Idaho. She loves to ride horses, travel, go on four wheeler rides, and ride motorcycles. She also is a very artistic person. She is excited we are adopting again, but sad she won’t get to know the baby as well as the rest of the kids because she is in college and possibly could be getting engaged. We miss her and are always glad when she comes home to visit.

Logan is our second child and will begin his senior year in the fall. He has good grades and is very intelligent. He is Aaron’s right hand man for fixing things on the farm. He loves to play football and basketball. He loves to spend time with his friends and rides his motorcycle every chance he gets. Logan also loves to spend time with his dad on the farm. He is loving towards people, cares about others’ feelings and loves to give hugs and talk with his mom and dad. He is the comedian in our family and comes up with some funny stuff. Logan is good with little kids and is very excited to welcome another sibling to the family.

McKenzie is our third child, who will start ninth grade in the fall. McKenzie is an animal lover and especially loves dogs, cats, and horses. She likes to ride four wheelers, motorcycles, and her bike. She likes to spend time with her dad on the farm and is her mom’s right hand helper in the kitchen. McKenzie loves to give hugs and is very cheerful. Her Grandma Romrell calls her “little miss sunshine.” She likes to spend time with her little brother Brody. Brody loves McKenzie so much because they have a lot of fun together. She says she is “happy and excited” to have another sibling to love.

Dillan is our fourth child. He will be starting sixth grade in the fall. He is smart, energetic, and loves to tease his brothers and sisters. Dillan likes to ask a lot of questions and is somewhat of a jokester. He loves to play his Xbox and plays the farming simulator games. He likes to be outside and ride his motorcycle, four wheelers, play with his collection of farm toys, and best of all be with his dad. Dillan’s favorite place to be is on the farm. He likes to cook, do crafts with his mom, give hugs and take care of animals. Dillan was used to being the youngest child, but he has been very happy as we adopted Brody. He is excited to have another younger sibling to tease and love.

Brody is our fifth child and will be three years old in June. We adopted Brody in 2016. Our oldest daughter Sierra mentioned to her parents that she felt like we still had one more sibling that had not come to the family yet. When she told her parents that, her mom shared that she had been feeling the same way. The moment we saw Brody is one we will never forget. Our hearts fell in love right in that hospital room. We are so grateful he is part of our family because he has brought us so much happiness and joy. He is very smart and already knows his ABCs, shapes, colors and can count to 12. His favorite toys are his trains, puzzles, kitchen blocks, and iPad. Brody loves to be outside and play, ride on his pickup truck, jump on the trampoline, go with his dad for a few minutes in the tractor, and loves to go on four wheeler rides. He likes cats, but is scared of the horses because they are huge. We asked Brody if he is excited for a baby brother or sister and he said, “Baby sister! Yay, yay!”
We are all very happy and excited to have a new little one in our home again.

We are all very happy and excited to have a new little one in our home again.

How we came to adoption

Aaron and I have always been open to adoption since we were married. Misty wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to have children or not because of her past health issues and what doctors had told her, but God blessed us with four beautiful children of our own. Misty had really hard pregnancies and when our last child Dillan was born, the hospital offered Misty a tubular ligation at a discount while she was already there at the hospital. She thought that was what she wanted at the time, but a couple of weeks later she had regretted her decision ever since. She had felt like there was another child yet to come to our family as well as our oldest daughter, and that’s when we started the process of adoption, and we adopted our precious Brody. After Brody came, Misty felt that their family was complete. But in early November, Misty’s late grandpa came to her and told her that there was another granddaughter that needed to come. Misty told her grandpa that they had already adopted a baby boy. He said he knew, but that there was one more waiting and the baby was already two weeks along. Misty told her grandpa that she wasn’t sure if she could do it. He told her that if she read her scriptures and prayed that everything would be okay and work out. Misty pondered and prayed about what to do and kept getting a confirmation that they were meant to adopt another child. Misty and Aaron asked the family what they thought about adopting another sibling and everyone was all excited. Misty and Aaron shared her dream with the kids, prayed about it as a family, and felt that they would be blessed to love and cherish another child. Brody needs a playmate, especially when they get to be older so they won’t be lonely. We are all very happy and excited to have a new little one in our home again. We know this journey will be worth it!


The Romrells