Clarissa’s April blog post

Apr 15, 2018

Well… here’s all the happenings of the Osborns in the last month and a half. My little bundle of joy even turned 5 on Tuesday and I didn’t even make time to blog about it. Sad day.


We didn't have as exciting adventures in March, but we tried to make the most of being home together. We played in the snow, Jason finished another spartan race, we met incredible people, and we registered Carter for kindergarten! I have been teaching like a crazy person too, which I have absolutely LOVED. Yes it is at crazy hours in the morning, but I love getting my teaching fix and being able to stay home with Carter. The most incredible thing we did however, was talk to Carter about adoption. We are excited, scared, eager, and hopeful about having a possible birth mother place a baby with our little family.

Carter has been asking about "his baby" every day. We always imagined having a house full of sticky little hands. We imagined so many little siblings for Carter to love and play with. I know that our Heavenly Father has a great plan for our family. We have a strong feeling that our little family is not complete yet and would love help and support as we go through this roller coaster. We have an adoption profile on Here;es the link so you can take a look If you know of a birth mother who may be looking for a family to place her baby with, please share our story. Share our name and our profile. Please help us in this great journey to find a baby we can care for and love as our very own.

Thus far, April has been an eventful month. It has been a crazy month of birthdays and reminders that we are all getting older. My birthday was on the 7th, and I got spoiled by the 2 sweetest guys ever! I wasn’t allowed to lift a finger and help with chores. My boys took me to the best restaurant EVER, The Cheesecake Factory, and then they surprised me with Robin Hood the play. I got visits by lots of sweet friends, tons and tons of birthday wishes and messages, and I even got a few phone calls. It was a great day.

3 days later, my mommy heart hurt when my amazing 4-year-old boy turned 5. I can’t believe my baby Carter is already 5 years old. Every year my heart hurts a little more. He won’t be my little buddy for forever, and that makes me so sad. Next year he’ll be running off to kindergarten every day, leaving me with an empty house and memories of the time we had together at home. I don’t know if anyone would understand how much my little boy means to me. I mean yes, every mother loves each of her children dearly. When you’ve gone through as much as our family has with 1 little by your side through it all; that bond is even stronger and it’s a million times harder to let go.


For his birthday I spoiled him. He got to bring treats for preschool, we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch (his favorite place), and the rest of the day was his to do whatever he wanted. We ended up playing in the sand at the park for 3 hours and having macaroni and cheese for dinner! The rest of the night he spent playing with neighbor friends until it was time for bed. It was a pretty fun day.