Rachel & Scott

Hoping to Adopt (New York)


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While clicking the endorsement categories, it was easy to check every single one! Scott and Rachel were made to be parents. Their love story which began as young teenagers has continued to grow. They have so much space in their home and hearts for a baby to love. They have envisioned this their whole lives and a child (children) would complete their family. I was lucky enough witness Scott and Rachel with my own children, a boy and a girl, while they were growing up. When they were with their niece and nephew, they were present and doting. They have such a fun loving energy that kids are drawn to. Coupled with this, they have this ability to stay calm in situations where they can help children problem solve and work out issues in a peaceful and rational manner. It sounds silly, but my friend's children used to pretend that they were related to Rachel and Scott and call them their aunt and uncle because they thought they were so wonderful. Our entire family is extremely close and we have wanted this for them for many years. A new baby would be surrounded by more love and support than anyone could image. Rachel and Scott are openminded, have the time and finances to give a child an amazing live, and in my opinion, will make the most incredible parents!

Manda Endorsed Kind, Playful, Loving, Creative, Musical, positive, warm, open-minded, Honest, Hard-working, Fun

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