First grade..... wait...... WHAT??!!!

Aug 23, 2017

So the day I have been dreadding all summer long is here! As much as I tried to ignore it, the time has come for school to start. This year Sophie is in 1st grade! That here in Utah means All DAY school. I was so not ready for my little buddy to be gone all day! She however was SUPER excited to see her friends and FINALLY get to play on the big kid playground at recess ! Rick went in to work late today so he could come with us for her first day. Soph ran right in and found her name and was ready to be a big kid! The only tears shed were mine ( Traci) . Now if you will excuse me I will be drowning my sorrows in Fizz (an amazing soda shop) and counting down the time until I can pick my buddy up!  Isnt't she so cute!!