The love month!

Feb 06, 2018

February is one of the best months of the year! We love that it focuses on love! Last year Traci found an idea (thanks Pinterest) that was called 14 days of love. She has turned it into one of our family traditions.  What you do is each night starting on February 1st  and ending on Valentines day you write on  a heart a little love note to your loved ones and put it on the wall or their door while they are asleep, or at work, or school! It is such a fun way to show your love and doesn't cost anything! Sophia and Rck love to see what Traci has written each day. Traci loves it because it gives her a chance to show how truely greatful she is for both of them!  Wishing you a great "love month". We hope you will take the time to spread some love to others this month! Let's change the world with love!