May the "Fourth" Be With You!

May 14, 2017

With Jeff and I being such Star Wars fans (after all he did ask me out on a date because my ring tone was the Star Wars theme song) we always celebrate Star Wars Day (May 4th).  This year I decided to put my hair up into "Ray" hair.  Doing 3 pull through buns was way easier then trying to pin two buns to the side of my head, I've tried.  I even wore my favorite Star Wars shirt.  It is the BEST line from Episode 7, "That's Not How the Force Works".  My kids at school were so excited about my hair and wanted to ask me all sorts of questions about my favorite characters.  They may have just been wanting to get out of doing math, but I let it slide.  Jeff and I had planned on watching one of the movies, but by the time we got home from our long days at work and were ready to slow down we realized that it was time for bed.  Bed time might be the only thing more important then Star Wars.  It's ok, we celebrate Star Wars by watching the movies all the time anyway so really in our house EVERY day is Star Wars day.  Have you started counting down to Episode 8 yet?

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