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Summer Cooking Lessons

Jun 18, 2017

In an attempt to keep summer interesting and encourage bonding as well as education, I am teaching Ava a little about cooking. In our last neighborhood we had this wonderful neighbor who did cooking classes for kids aged 5-11. Ava loved them. And since she is somewhat of a picky eater, I thought it might help encourage her to try new things. Which it has! Her pickiness is funny because she loves things like potstickers and sushi, yet she is afraid to try most new foods! All in good time. 

Our first cooking lesson was chocolate chip cookies (we had a friend over for that one). Next was breadsticks. And most recently she learned how to make quesadillas. Today she actually made lunch for the whole family and put a sign on the door for Ava's Restaurant. She was all formal about it, pretending like she was our server (and chef too)! It was pretty cute!