"I love and admire Christy and Ryan so much! Christy is just a few years older than me, and she's always been a wonderful sister to me. We were even roommates in college for sometime. She is a talented artist (it's really fun to sit next to her and just watch her draw) and is wonderfully creative. She makes the best Halloween costumes ever! No kidding, her costumes are amazing, and found on Pinterest. She and Ryan are both hard working, but also very dedicated to family. They love to bike and share that love of health, biking, and the outdoors with their kids. They are both very loving parents that are thoughtful about how to raise their children well. If anything were to happen to my husband and I - if my kids ever had to go to someone else - I would want Christy and Ryan to take them (yes, all five of them) because I know they would be in good hands. I know they would be loved. I know they they would play and work and love and serve others and laugh. And again, I know they would be loved. "

"Ryan and Christy Cook are some of my favorite people. They are fun and adventurous, yet hard-working. They are strong in their faith in God. They are exceptional parents who are committed to their children. Christy and Ryan are fun! Some of my favorite memories are with Christy, my sister, and the adventures we have had together. Together we ran races and backpacked into Native American Reservations. Now that we both have young children and live many states apart, our adventures together are more rare. However, Christy and Ryan together still seem to have as many adventures as ever. Ryan has a passion for cycling, and many of their adventures now revolve around that hobby. I have no doubt that in their family they live life to the fullest. It is a joyful way to live. Christy and Ryan are hard-working. When the economy took a turn for the worse, Ryan made the courageous decision to open his own business, which he is still running with success. He has simultaneously worked for another company to ensure that he can provide for his family. He has worked hard on the business he is passionate about, and has been diligent in his career. Likewise, Christy has always been a hard worker, whether in school, work, or home. Together they embody an admirable balance between work and fun. You will have a hard time finding a couple who are more committed to God. I’ve watched them go through good times and tough times. Regardless of what life has brought them, they have stayed true to each other and to their faith in God. They are humble, good people who take what life gives them and make the best of it. A fun fact about Christy and Ryan is that their kids probably have the best Halloween costumes on earth. Christy is creative and artistic and makes costumes for their kids that I would never dream of. As long as Christy and Ryan have been married they have talked about adopting someday. This is a dream they have kept with them for years. They are loving parents whom I look up to for their many laudable traits. "

"I have known Ryan and Christy for many years. I've watched them go through times of happiness and success and times of trial and loss. Through it all, they have remained true to who they are: positive, hopeful people who focus on family, God, and community. They are always busy teaching and playing with their kids, improving the community through volunteer service, spending time with friends and each other exercising, laughing, and enjoying the great outdoors. They are smart and hardworking with an entrepreneurial bravery and an artistic touch (Christy) that makes everything beautiful. My life is better for knowing them. Their children will grow to be happy, successful, kind, and well-adjusted adults because of their love and guidance. "

"Ryan and Christy are wonderful parents. They are loving, fun, active, religious, and creative. They love to bike, do water sports, hike and snow skiing. They spend a lot of time with their children and encourage them to try new things and provide learning experiences to help them develop their talents. Ryan is a hard worker, funny, and loves to bike and is great about teaching and supporting their children. Christy is loving, artistic and creative and is great about showing her children how to be the best that they can be. They are firm, but loving and consistent and give their children boundaries to help them become responsible. They can provide an excellent home for any child. As a family we have served in many ways all over, building orphanages in Haiti and Mexico, served church missions to Honduras and Brazil. Ryan's youngest sister is from China and his cousin in from Haiti. They embrace many cultures and are supportive parents. They are also a religious family that will help guide their children to love and respect God."

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