Nine Years, How Did That Happen?

Aug 11, 2019

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this week. It’s hard to believe nine years have already passed since we got married. Over the weekend we were able to get a babysitter for an evening and have a date night. We took some time to reflect on how much has changed since our wedding. We’ve lived in 3 different states (Chris is in academics which required a couple shorter term jobs before he got his current tenured position), and along that journey we have made many good friends in different places. We’ve been in New York for 7 years now; looking back, we know we’re happy because our time here seems to have flown by in an instant. Obviously, the biggest (and best) change in our lives came two years ago when we adopted Holden, and we always feel so lucky to have him as part of our lives. We can’t wait for all the new adventures still to come, including welcoming another child to our family.